My mom

Yolanda, my mother, talks about several aspects of her life. Even though she is able to understand and speak English, she felt most comfortable answering these questions in Spanish.

Interview with my Grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa, Eduardo, where he talks about his childhood, lessons he’s learned, and obstacles in his life.


Donna and Eleanor talk about sharing life’s lessons with a captive audience

The Cycle of Life

This is an interview between two teachers in higher education.

Michael Holmes

My Grandpa and I talked about his life after high school, meeting my Grandma, and he shared a few life lessons with me.

Lola’s Story

Cora Juanengo is a believer in God and a leader in faith. She tells about her life as a grandmother, mother, and being a child in the Philippines.

Interview with my dad

Bonifacio Villoso discusses what it is important in life and what should be taught to children.

Oral History

in my interview the topic of life lessons and childhood memories were a big part. as well as how mia hopes her future to look like.

It's the small things in life

I interviewed my grandpa, Gary Holsan. He shared with me the timeline of his life and some of his experiences.

Interview with my high school sweetheart

Today I chose to interview my husband and high school sweetheart John. I asked random life questions which helped me get a better understanding of who is as a person.

Interview with my mom

We talked about lessons we can use to overcome life’s challenges, and then we took a trip down memory lane.

Jessica Lugo Interview

The biggest lessons learned about life and how Jessica Lugo became the person she is today.


We talked about Corrigan’s experiences in life and how he’s grown/learned from them.

Socialization with My Mom.

In an interview with Amethyst, my mom, we discussed topics on socialization, experiences, and relationships.

My Dad and I

The interview was about my father’s accomplishments and life lessons in real life.

Gissell Flores and her aunt Gabriela Pinedo talk about life lessons.

In this interview, Gissell Flores and her aunt, Gabriela Pinedo, talk about some of the lessons life has taught them. Her aunt shares a profound religious experience she had with her younger child, Jacob. She gives teenagers an advice that...