Gia M Trotter and Tristan Trotter talk about Mostly Muff

Gia M Trotter: 2021-03-08 00:34:51 Gia Trotter (43) and Tristan Trotter (46) talk about their shared Valentines music benefit concert that they did every year for 11 years until the pandemic. From across two states the sisters would practice and...

Ingrid y Ievgen

Ievgen G: 2021-02-06 23:21:43. Ievgen (31) wants to know more about his girlfriend Ingrid (31), so he is interviewing her. He learns more about her past good and hard memories and her deep experiences in her life.

Laura Yacovone and Scott Harrison

Spouses Scott Harrison (36) and Laura Yacovone (36) discuss how they met, their travel experiences, the challenges they've overcome, and the interesting people who have come into and out of their lives.

"Expectation of Life v.s. Reality"

Betty Ream (79) talks with her granddaughter, Jenna (21) and reflects back on her life.

Zayda Serech, Maria Cristina Garzona Leal, E Cho, and Bani Sandoval

Friends Zayda Serech (29), Maria Cristina Garzona Leal (29), E Cho (32), and Bani Sandoval (40) talk about their friendship and the moments they felt proud of one another.

Russell Lowery-Hart and Christopher Sams

Chris Sams (41) insights with his chosen father, Russell Lowery-Hart (51) in a conversation about how the two became family members and what the journey has been like.

Roberta Miranda and Jacob Sidhom

Roberta Miranda (46) and her son Jacob Sidhom (23) discuss their relationship, their influences and the moments that have shaped their outlook on life.

Defining Happiness and Family

In this interview we talked about family, marriage, and happiness. We discussed why family is important and what our hopes are for one another.

Leon Casteel and Mia Raquel

Leon Casteel (19) shares stories about his family and remembers his grandmother, Twila May Fry, with his new friend Mia Raquel (24).

Steven’s interview

Steven talks about his childhood, experiences as an adolescent, and things to inspire the youth. Laugh along with Steven and Savannah as they talk about Steven’s life.

Learning What My Mom Feels

Just a quick sum up is that, I asked my mom questions I’ve never asked her and I learned what she feels.

Auntie-Grandma Jewel (sibling #7)

In the midst of the pandemic my family has been blessed with new life. I spoke with my Aunt Jewel about the experience of becoming a great-grandma during the outbreak. I thought I knew my aunt pretty well but this...

Maddie Larson and her grandmother, Nancy Frederiksen

Carolyn Larson: 2020-05-05 22:37:58, Maddie Larson speaks with her grandmother, Nancy Frederiksen, about life, aspirations, and family love.

The Magic of Marriage

Interviewing each of my parents, Jamison (37) and Tracey (42), separately. I ask about key and memorable moments in their marriage.

Breanna Espinoza and the life of Angelica Avalos, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt.

In this interview, which was conducted on April 19, 2020, in Orange, California, Breanna Espinoza (21) interviews her aunt Angelica Avalos (37), about her life and the events and emotions involved. Angelica shares (family) stories and memories that Breanna may...

Chris Pruett and James Bignall

James Bignall (56) talks with Chris Pruett (61) about Chris's experience being homeless. Christ relates how he navigates being homeless and ideas for how to help the homeless.

Katy Kelly and Ezra Kelly

Ezra Kelly (22) talks to his sister Katy Kelly (33) about childhood, their parents, family, and Katy's journey through life as a parent. They also discuss the influences that led to her business, the development of her mobile application, and...

Toni Gonzales and Robert Gonzales

Toni Gonzales (89) talks with her son, Robert Gonzales, Jr. (58), about her memories of growing up, her loving and strong relationship with her husband who passed away a year ago, and what she remembers about what Robert was like...