Interview with my mom

In this interview it was asked about how my mom views me and all the thoughts and feelings she has. It was also asked about her life and her difficulties and how she got through them.

Vietnam Interview

We talked about each individuals experience with the war, and their families and friends experiences. Also how everyone viewed the war.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about my mother’s past and the struggles she has been through. We also talked about what her history was.

Mom’s Thanksgiving Interview

I wanted to understand my mom’s most memorable Thanksgiving. I learned so much about her parents that I did not know. I love that they were kind and respectful to each other no matter what. I think that is a...

My Grandmas interview

On this interview I interviewed my grandmother.

Grandma’s Interview // 11.24.18

Today I got to interview my grandma… It was an amazing process and I am truly blessed to have had the chance to talk to her.

Asking lots of question to get to know the person about like how they really feel about you I feel like is the best questions to ask.

Flash to the past

In this interview me and my grandma talked about things that she wish she would of done diffrent and things that she is glad she did. One of the questions that I really took away from this was how she...

Grandma red

This is my grandma and she had a rough life and we had our rough patches but our relationship is stronger than ever an I’m great full for because she is my last grandma left.