Goldsmith’s Civic Garden Center purse snatchers- Memphis,TN.

1975 purse snatchers in Memphis apprehended by the help of my grandparents

Progress and Paradox

I interviewed my neighbor (age 64) who shared some of his experiences about his life including time in the Peace Corps.

Dianne Mosely-Titus interviews Elder Walter Bernard Peterson, Jr., who plays guitar at House of Prayer International COGIC in Memphis TN.

Dianne Mosely-Titus was a student in the Music Appreciation course taught by Kenneth Croft at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, Tennessee. For a project for the class she interviewed Elder Walter Bernard Peterson, Jr. who plays guitar at the...

Callie and her mom talk about her mom’s life.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Callie and her mom talk about her mom’s childhood and how she grew up. They compare and contrast their childhood stories and learn more about her mom’s journey to where she is today.

Margaret Rowland and her grandmother Harriett Rowland talk about her life with family and Elvis.

In Oxford, MS on November 24, 2018 a granddaughter (Margaret Rowland) and her grandmother (Harriett Rowland) enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving talking about her grandmothers life. They talk about her job and her thoughts on Elvis Presley. As well as all...

My grandmothers view on the civil rights movement

After the thanksgiving meal I ask me grandmother about the civil rights movement. She tells about the state of Memphis after MLK was shot. The city went into martial law. So that is what I interviewed her on

Jack Jones saved a life

Jack Jones (Big Jack) was just ordinary kid from Memphis, TN, when a normal day took terrifying turn that caused him to take action and save a life. He saved his friend’s life and was awarded for his bravery. His...

EVA BAILEY …. Ms.Boyer

My interview with my favorite teacher of my 11th grade year at central high school