Robin Slemenda and Liz Wessel

Robin shared about her life journey with living her life as a vocation and the influence her mother had on her life. She was a pillar of strength. Her mom modeled a life of generous giving to help Her mom...

Chatting with my Mom about Being a Mom

Talked with my mother about some of the highs and lows of her life and what it’s like to be a mother.

Hugo van Waardenburg and Frank van Waardenburg

Frank age 98 on Providence Hospice, of Dutch Indonesian heritage born in east Indies shares reflections with his son Frank who lives with his father about serving in the Dutch Indonesian army and being a prisoner of war for three...

Interview with mom

Discussion of our parent - child relationship, and my mother’s relationship with her father.

Interview with my mom

In this interview I asked my mom some questions regarding how she felt about her being a mother raising me and how she felt about my success.

Armand Zoulika and Mary Peterson

Armand shares with hospice chaplain Mary the meaning of Ramadan and the challenges of coming together as a community in person during COVID and shares his sorrow at the death of his mother and how he bakes to remember her.

Miguel Aguilar A bit of my mothers life

Miguel Aguilar: 2021-05-01 05:44:34 I Miguel Aguilar talk with my mother Patricia about her childhood and past. It was a first-time interview with a few funny moments. It was really fun to conduct this interview. We had never really sat...

A Mother’s experience as a widow

In this interview, my mother Lenora Murphy talks about her experience as a young window and how it has helped her learn independence.

Susan and Carly Cote

On Christmas Eve 2019, my was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her diagnosis explained her increasing forgetfulness and issues with word retrieval, but asked many questions about her life, death, and almost everything in between. My mom worked as a...

Time is precious

Erin Canada: 2021-04-28 03:46:09 A quick interview with my mom in which gets into what's important to her.

"I need to see my wife, it might be the last time I see her"

Debbie had a brush with death that forever changed her life. She is a wife, a mother, a graduate student, and as of December she is a brain bleed survivor. The odds were against Debbie, but she beat them. Here...

Interview with my mother

My mother talks about the importance of being a good person

Interviewing my mom

Today I am interviewing my mom, Jennifer. I have chosen some personal questions for her to answer.

Interview with my mom, Melissa Brouhard

My mother grew up in San Ramon with her mom and dad and her three sisters and she shared part of her child hood and adult hood with me.

David Milton & Lori Chapa

David shares his heart transplant story with the mother of his donor, Lorenzo. They talk about Lorenzo and how many of the things he loved David now has an affinity for too.

Interview with my Mom

Me and my mom sit and down and talk about important life milestones and things we will never forget. We always like to talk about memories because I’m the oldest so I remember a lot. I was curious about how...