Dennis Detailing

I interviewed my friend about his experience in starting his own business so far.

The Path To The Greatness

My name is Zamirah Felton and I interviewed one of my close friends Engoma Fataki. he is not from the United States, we will tell his story about his journey.

“New country, New beginning”

This interview is about a single mother named Ibet Pilar and about the struggles throughout her life.

Starting Military Life

This interview was about the basic Navy Military training and what Aaronn has gone through during the training.

My inspiration

life of a young mother who happens to be my sister. This event in her life changed her life dramatically and for the better. She is someone I look up to and hope to be half the mother she is...

Life of a young teen mom

We talked about the life of a young teen mom and the struggles and challenges she faced raising a kid as a young teen herself.

"Being independent, sacrifices, and not being selfish."

This Interview is with my mother. We discuss stuff such as advice for other single mother, and just basic information about what its like being a single mother.


I am interviewing a person I have known throughout high school and wanted to tell their story of a transition from female to non binary.

A not so Cinderella Story

Take a listen to hear about my mother’s journey from childhood to adulthood

“I thought you loved me, I thought I’m your own flesh and blood”

The person I interviewed talks about the struggles of coming out/not being straight. (This is not a Ted talk.)

Bad Times Don’t Mean Bad Endings

4-5 years ago my parents got divorced. Some people, when their parents divorce, grow up to have a “troubled childhood”. But my best friend and I went down memory lane and talked about how I was changed for the better...

An american view of Japanese culture

Andrew describes his views of japanese culture and his experiences about barriers and conflicts.

The Change of Drugs

I asked my father what his childhood was like and how he felt looking back on it.

The Hero Gone To Soon

This is an interview based on the thoughts, feelings, and memories of a son who lost his step dad due to a helicopter crash.

The impact of moving from Vietnam to the United States.
September 28, 2019 App Interview

An interview with my mom, Uyen Nguyen, about her life coming into the United States from Vietnam ad the changes she went through.

Claudia’s Journey To America

Today I interviewed Claudia from Spain. She talked about her journey coming to America and why she wanted to come to the U.S.

How Music shaped and inspired Auggie Pugh

How has Auggie’s sound and music changed over the last few years

I talked to my grandfather about his time smuggling drugs from Jamaica.

Sylvester talks about his experiences smuggling drugs from Jamaica to the United States.

Deep Down

I interviewed my mother on her past involving her parents, my grandparents. I asked her questions that might have triggered many emotions.

A Perspective of Central High School from then vs now

I had interviewed W.A Hedge about his time at Central High School as both a teacher and principal there from his perspective during that time. As well as getting some of his views on how Central was during his time...

Hindsight vs Foresight

I interviewed my grandma Kay Davis. It was about her only knowing my grandpa Charlie for three weeks before moving far away with him. It also included her thoughts and feelings about moving and also some of her experiences.

The Journal of Walking With

Talking about why she decided to become an advisor and are advice on what she thinks of it and her perspective of it

Sink or swim: the making of an artist

Talking with a young ambitious Artist who made the decision on not returning to school. On the mission to furfill he goal of being an established artist making his living on doing what he loves, Art.