Megan Bauer and Eileen Bosworth

Megan Bauer (28) speaks with her friend Eileen Bosworth (28) about their experience with grief and share stories of the parents they each lost.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Sister

This is my 19-year-old sister. The recording took place in Salinas, California during the night of Thanksgiving. From her responses, I noticed the slightly different experiences, emotions, thoughts, etc.. Advice was given, relationships were mentioned, and mainly, some survival tips...

Coming of age
September 17, 2018 App Interview

My father tells me about his college experience and how he grew as a person

Karla and Mary: Twenty-four years of an inter-racial friendship

This conversation summarizes a friendship of over two decades between two women, one White and one Black. Insights and issues of race and personal growth are discussed.