We talked about basic things about life

Dad’s interview

My dad is talking about his life, about military, family and work, and immigration to US.

Mom’s interview

This is an interview with my mom, where I ask her about views on USSR, about her parents, childhood, where she works and what she studied, and immigration.

Lylieyah’s Interview

This interview consists of Lyleiyah speaking about impacts people have had on her life and ways she would like to be remembered and even more in depth answers of her personal goals and life in general.

Woman named Warren

Conversation with my mom about life and her illness

Q & A with Coleen Kane

This is an interview with my mother and the story of how she had grown up and how that has shaped who she is today.

RJ’s interview with Lisa Murphy(mom)

I have always been close with my mom, but this interview really allowed me to learn more about her and hopefully potentially strengthen our relationship even more after we discussed her wishes for me, and how I view life. Also,...

Interview On Who I Look Up To The Most

This interview is to get to know my idol more. I say this because I have always looked up to this man yet I don’t interact with him much. It was very nice getting to hear his view on life

Who do you look up to most
November 24, 2018 App Interview

Renee Metz interviews Ricco Reyes about his life; what he loved about his life, and what he wishes he had done differently.

Daisy Padilla’s Interview

The interview was mainly talking about Daisy’s life, experiences and choices she’s made in the past.


The interview was about moments on her life.

Grandma’s life
December 10, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma, and we talked about her childhood, wedding day, and her choices.

Norma’s life story

This story is mainly about her life as a child, where she grew up at and some random stuff about her life.

Thanksgiving Interview

This short interview is about the life of my aunt and some of her memories and accomplishments.

The life of my great aunt.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview we discuss things such as family heritage, growing up & school, working, religion and spirituality. I think she gave some great advice.

My Grandad

America,personal history,children,philosophy,etc…