April 1st, 2017

Rhianna spent what was supposed to be the best night of her teenage years in two scary situation

An interview with my twin sister

An interview with my twin sister about her times in highschool and adventures she’s been on

Emily Wenger talks to Haley Warner about her life then and now.

In this interview, recorded on November 26, 2018, Emily Wenger and Haley Warner talk about Haley’s life then and now. During this interview Emily questions her youth pastor about many things. These include, her life as a child, her biggest...

Kevin and his daughter talk about parenting & growing up

In this interview, me and my dad talked about many of his challenges in life and greatest moments. The topics of growing up and being a parent are very prominent during our conversation. He talks about everything from his first...

Interview With Christopher Lofaro

Chris talked mostly about his youth and childhood, as well as about his family.

My Grandpa

Talked about his love relationship, work, school, and his life at home.

Himali, My HC Friend

Himali talks about her summers in the Himalayas, her family, her memories with me, and about why she didn’t go to prom.

Interview with E’Leasa Hall

This is a interview with my mom about her childhood, my childhood, and her advice.


We talk about the life in school, also about teacher and friend or some problem at school