Oral History

in my interview the topic of life lessons and childhood memories were a big part. as well as how mia hopes her future to look like.


Speaking with my older sister about our family history, her experiences and regrets.

Alan’s interview

I talk to my best friend and just take a dive into mostly his life.He seems happy to have done this. Although I know most of the things that are going on in his life and have happened, I believe...

Random info wit lil bro p.1

How much he loves me and how much I don’t answer.

Random info on lil bro p.2

We talked about his accomplishments and what he thinks may set him back.

Oral History With Richard Martinez

In the interview, we talked about success, languange, culture, and love.

Into Natalie's Mind

In this interview, I talked with my roommate and learned things that I never knew before; her goals, her inspirations, and her joys.

ETHS interview assignment

talked about life and childhood. How certain things affected her growing up

A talk with my mom.

We talked about basic life questions that involved memories and life lessons.

Interview discussing childhood with basic questions

In this interview, I interviewed my boyfriend Austin Cunningham. I asked basic questions to which many reflected on our childhood and difficulties we faced as well as good times. We stray away from difficult topics since we felt that we...

My Closest Stranger

Here is where I interviewed one of my closest friends where I discovered many things I didn’t know, even though we have been friends for quite some time. During this interview, we discuss growing up in America as black people...

Race, ethnicity, and politics: why they matter

An interview with my roommate, Amanda, where we discuss various topics related to race and politics, and why they matter

Cherri’s Look On Life

I decided to interview my mom, Cherri. She goes into detail about her childhood and the things she’s overcomed to get to where she is today.

Anthony and Ayinde

Anthony is my roommate/ good friend. He’s a first generation student at San Francisco State University. In this interview we discuss his challenging adversities to be where he is today.

A conversation with Anni Bui

Asked Anni Bui a few questions about herself and her family.

Conversations with my mother

This is an interview of my mother. She discusses what it was like growing up during the era of segregation and family.

My conversation with my father

We talked about many different things in my dads life like life decisions and his proudest moments.

Childhood Friend

Today I will be interviewing my childhood friend from Cambodia. We will be talking about her cultural identity, family heritage, school, sexuality and religion. This casual interview is done via a video call instead of a face-to-face as she is...

A bit about my parents

In this interview, I decided to interview my mom and dad and learn more about them and their childhood and their personal wants. In this interview we talk about death, suicide, openness to religion, abusive parents, self love, racism, and...