“New country, New beginning”

This interview is about a single mother named Ibet Pilar and about the struggles throughout her life.

"Being independent, sacrifices, and not being selfish."

This Interview is with my mother. We discuss stuff such as advice for other single mother, and just basic information about what its like being a single mother.

“P is for Patience”

In this interview, made in November of 2018 in EHT, New Jersey. Diane Winfield (64) is a grandmother of 6 and a single mother of 3. Samantha Vogt (16) interviews her grandmother and asks about Diane’s early memories of her...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: My Grandma’s past – An interview with Chriselle & Nora

In this interview, Nora Ballesteros talks with her granddaughter, Chriselle Tegel, about her childhood in the Philippines. They discuss Nora’s hardship as a single mom, family responsibilities as the eldest child, high school experiences, and life lessons.