Immigration-Anastasia Calkins

My mother immigrating from Russia to the United States and how she shifted cultures.

From Cataluña to Icaria

Interview between Julia Guerrero Reed and her father Roger Reed about their Montaldo ancestors, who were part of the Icarian utopian socialist commune in Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1800’s.

Anita Randrianantoanina and Ronald Washington

One Small Step conversation partners Anita Randrianantoanina (27) and Ronald Washington (51) talk about their families, the Black Lives Matter movement, immigration, and American politics in the wake of the 2016 election.

Interview with my mom about her experience as an immigrant
December 3, 2018 App Interview

Lejla Hadzidedic discusses her expectations and experience as an immigrant, as well as the process of adapting to American life. She elaborates on the way her perception of the culture had changed and how it differs to that of Bosnia,...

Socialism in Bulgaria

Antoniya Zheleva interviewing Grandpa, Grandma, and Mother regarding childhood in communism and socialism in Bulgaria and the shift to democracy.