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Interview with Kelly Doherty

In this interview my aunt talks about her life, growing up, her family, and herself. She is 52 years old and my aunt on my mother’s side. In this interview I learned a lot about her and my family and...

Mary Caroline Styles Thanksgiving Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Mary Caroline Styles Interviews her Grandfather Richard Pardue about growing up in Birmingham. We talked about the shift in Birmingham, the age of technology, and his time in the Military.

Thanksgiving Listen Project

In this interview, I interviewed my brother and asked him questions about his feelings towards being apart of a union. He has been an active union member for about 11 years now. He expressed the way he felt and the...

Talk with my Aunt Nyawira

We talked about her life and life in Kenya. Her struggles, her accomplishments and her surrounding challenges