Thanksgiving Listen Cassandra Seward

Today I have interviewed my mother about some of her experiences as a child. We then went into some personal details of religion and her thoughts about it.

Interview with my Aunt Leslie

I, Collin Reed, talk to my Aunt Leslie mostly about stuff in the past such as her childhood. We talk about things such as her parents, her jobs, and other things such as that.

Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

In this recording, Jodie Dioses, 16, a student at Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, does a practice recording for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018.

Taniyah’s interview ft. Stepdad

Taniyah interviews her stepdad about his early life and how he achieved the things he has.

2017 Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interviewing my brother after coming home from college about his life experience up till now from high school and his recent immersion into college.

My Grandma and I talk about growing up in Maryland

In Severn, Maryland On Thanksgiving day I talked to my grandma Christine. I got to talk through her ups and downs in her life. Also how it was like when she grew up. She told me about how she wishes...

Interviewing Nana

My grandmother and I talked about her early years and our ancestors. We also discussed regrets and life lessons.

Thanksgiving listen-Evan Holloway

This is an interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen assignment. Chantilly High School.

Interview with my grandma Sandy

This is an interview with my grandma and a little bit about her life now and as a child.