Interview with my mom

My mom Elizabeth and I speaks about her experiences growing up, career, and family life.

Kathleen's Story – Inspired by Family: A Journey to Becoming an SLP

Kathleen describes her path to becoming a speech pathologist. She describes her experience growing up with her younger sister Margaret Mary who was born with cerebral palsy. As a child she tried to find ways to help her sister learn...

Interview with Mrs. Green

In this interview I interviewed my ACE teacher Mrs. Green. I asked her about her career and life before she became an adult.

Interview With My Aunt Regarding About Life Experiences

On this interview with my Aunt Kathy Viray. We discussed about our ancestors, family, her love relationship and career.


Interview between mom and daughter, 50 and 29. We mostly discussed memories from the past, and my mother’s life experiences.

Terri A Heggemeyer

Interviewer: Candace Jade Heggemeyer, 17, Daughter Interviewee: Terri Ann Heggemeyer, 53, Mother

Oliver Pelayo and Alexander Liguori

Colleagues in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at OHSU, Oliver Pelayo (50) and Alexander Liguori (30) sit down to discuss family, ambitions, and their perspectives on success.

interview with my mom

this is a interview with my mom about her family life, greatest accomplishments and career

Interview With Paul Zintgraf

Spencer Jester interviews Composition professor Paul Zintgraf about becoming an adult and finding a place in the world.

class interview
February 8, 2023 App Interview

talking about teaching and emts and the way you can become one.

Naomi Fertman and Sarah De Los Santos Upton

Friends and colleagues Naomi Rose Fertman (40) and Dr. Sarah De Los Santos Upton (36) talk about navigating parenthood and their careers as educators at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). They also talk about their community, women's...

Career with my mom!!

Kaelyn Beauchette (15 year old female) interviews her mom, Marjorie Beauchette (43 year old female) about her job and the joys in her job.

Interview with Dr. Samuel A. Ollio

On January 5, 2023, in Lambertville, NJ, John Whelan (15) interviewed his grandfather, Dr. Samuel A. Ollio (84) about his early childhood growing up in town, as well as his baseball career throughout college and beyond. He talks about his...

John Nettles’ interview with his uncle and Private Chef, Andy Ennis.

On December 25, 2022, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, John Nettles (16) interviewed his Uncle, Andy Ennis (58) about both his memorable childhood growing up in Michiana, Michigan, along with his career as a private chef. Born in 1964, Andy always...

Chance Encounters, Powerful Effects

Betsy (Elizabeth) Stone talks to Brenda Genium about the power of human connection, immersing in a new culture, and the origins of her clothing store by telling the story of her trip to a small village in Guatemala.

Taking Advantage of a good opportunity
December 12, 2022 App Interview

My name is Yaretsi Mendiola, I’m 16 years old. In this interview my friend Maria Denova of many years her experience of being a high school student while taking college classes?

Navigating Your Path Through Change

Bruce Joffe (77)grew up in Beverly Hills, went to school in Massachusetts, and spent his career working in engineering developing a technology in geographical mapping. In a phone conversation with his granddaughter, Roz Larsen (15), he shares his advice for...

The Path Not Taken

After the Vietnam War and having to put his future plans on pause, Dennis found himself in the city of Boston, not New York, and working as a teacher, not pursuing his studies at law school. Dennis shares his story...

Interview with Brent Leffew

Interview with my father for Period 5 English. Mostly conversing about father’s career path and choices.