Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Interviewing Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Interview with Ethan Baskes

Ethan baskes talks about his transition from Skidmore college to Ohio Wesleyan University and about his family.


moving from japan to the us

Moving to America

Have you ever moved? Across states? Countries? Continents? My grandma has. I am Alyssa Bojenkova and I interviewed Genny Saitova. I am 14 and she is 76. At 1:30 my grandma begins to talk abot ber childhood pet, my favourite...

Lisa Popowski Interview

Her life experience and how the move from Canada affected her

Desert Thoughts

Cody talks about his experiences and perceptions of being and living in the Mojave Desert. This conversation was recorded in his favorite little canyon behind his home, the “July Canyon,” after recording his tale of border crossing for “Desert Stories...

Grandma’s Move to the US

I interviewed my grandmother about her move to the US when she was a little girl.

The life of Alicia

This is me Kenia, interviewing my aunt about her life in Mexico and childhood. There’s many silence blocks but in the end I found about things I never knew about her life.


We got a new cat 3 weeks ago who had never been let out of a cage for 5 1/2 years. This interveiw is basically about how she has gotten better. And how we are transitioning her to become better...

Learning more about my great aunt’s trip to America from Limerick

I got the chance to talk to my great aunt about her trip from her home to America! Interesting lessons she learned along the way that can be great advice for teens today

Story Corps assignment Ms.Burke 3AB

I interviewed my mother on her childhood, dreams, and memories.

The Transition

Me and Juan talked alot about Juan’s transition from Dominican Republic to the United States.

Language and Culture Story

Talked about my mom’s culture and language background and how it was like for her to come to a different country to live.

Canadian childhood, American opportunity

This interview, conducted on November 26, 2017, talks about Nadia’s transition from her small town Canadian childhood to her successful career in America. From summer camps and student exchanges to realizing customer service isn’t all that great in America, this...