The Life of Jean Runkle

Me and my grandmother discussed many topics. Some of these were the memories and people that changed our lives. My grandmothers mom helped her learn manners and her grandmother taught her how to be a good person. We also discussed...

Mimi Celis interview with Grampy

My grandfather recounted his family history his childhood and adult years by telling story’s of different stages of his life

An Interview with my Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa William Parks. He is originally from Kansas and was a public defender in Chicago, IL. He also joined the military. We discussed his life and impact on the world and also talked about his love, the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Grandmother and I
December 10, 2019 App Interview

My Grandmother tells stories about family, growing up, and songs. She gives me advice about love, life, and remembering the good times.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen-Shaughnessy Edition

An interview with my Nana Elizabeth Shaughnessy about her childhood and advice for the future.

A Parent’s Legacy

Interviewing my mom gave me new insight on what success is and how to achieve it. Through this activity, I made a stronger connection with my mom by learning more about her childhood and background.

Sage Gilbert interviews her grandma Rhona Gilbert for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Piedmont, California, Sage Gilbert (13) interviews her paternal grandmother, Rhona Gilbert (71), sharing stories from Rhona’s life all across the world.

A Fish out of Water

In the beginning, Michelle talks about the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment. Then, the topic smoothly transitions into one consisting of wisdom that can be applied all throughout life.

It is important to always stay patient

Kristen Morris is interviewed by her sister, Jessica Kleppel. Kristen talks about growing up in the 1970s and having patience throughout life, and not being able to control everything.

Maggie Goodish interviews her grandmother, Evelyn Thiem.

Maggie Goodish interviewed her grandmother on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. She asked her some questions about her childhood life and her past.

A Flashback Through Wise Eyes

In this lovely interview with my mom, we talked about the joys of her childhood. She reflected upon the choices she made growing up, and how she has adopted valuable life lessons along the way. Finally, my mom also imparted...

Interview with my mom

In this interview it was asked about how my mom views me and all the thoughts and feelings she has. It was also asked about her life and her difficulties and how she got through them.

Service Learning Project

This was an interview I did with my mom to get an insight of her life before now, and I really got to hear new stories or little details I haven’t heard before. Overall, this was a great experience for...

Rebecca Morales: Thanksgiving Listen
January 11, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma and she told me about the lessons she learned throughout her life and advice she has for me.