Dad’s Career

Part 1 of of the Interview for my Communications class. We talk about Dad’s jobs, his advice and his life.

Interview with Grandma Anita

I talk to my Grandma about various times in her life and she gives me advice and stories from those times


A brief look into Alisias life.

Social studies proj
January 15, 2020 App Interview

It was talked about what memories my mom had of me and other people.

Life advice and insights for high schoolers

From advice regarding education, to the non monetary benefits and life lessons acquired from work experience, this interview can reach a high schooler a lot of valuable information.

The Life of Jean Runkle

Me and my grandmother discussed many topics. Some of these were the memories and people that changed our lives. My grandmothers mom helped her learn manners and her grandmother taught her how to be a good person. We also discussed...

Mimi Celis interview with Grampy

My grandfather recounted his family history his childhood and adult years by telling story’s of different stages of his life

Recalling the 1994 Northridge Earthquake With Two Survivors

On November 25th, 2019, Ben Bastean (14) sat down with Helen (80) and Gerald (86) Goldberg, in Los Altos Hills, California. In the interview, the married couple share their experiences from the Northridge Earthquake which happened in Northridge, California on...

Interview with Dad

We talked about life and hopes; about his work life, relationship with family, and briefly about the loss of Bonnie, his daughter


My grandmother, who I affectionately call Memu, discusses growing up in the 50s in Shreveport, Louisiana, balancing education with raising two children, and her experience as a nurse. “I would like to be remembered as a fair person, a loving...

A peek into my mother’s life

We talked about how she’d want to be remembered in the future. We also talked about how she imagined her life when she was younger, to how it is now.

An Interview with my Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa William Parks. He is originally from Kansas and was a public defender in Chicago, IL. He also joined the military. We discussed his life and impact on the world and also talked about his love, the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Grandmother and I
December 10, 2019 App Interview

My Grandmother tells stories about family, growing up, and songs. She gives me advice about love, life, and remembering the good times.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen-Shaughnessy Edition

An interview with my Nana Elizabeth Shaughnessy about her childhood and advice for the future.

Life in Mexico

Ericka Menchaca was born in Mexico where her she wasn’t able to enjoy most of her life. She decided to move to America for her daughters not knowing that one day they would go back to Mexico and so this...

Lessons Learned from a Career Sailor.
December 9, 2019 App Interview

Listen to some advice about the military.

Working into Harvard

Francette Kelley never expected to get into Harvard, but it was a welcome surprise. In this interview, James Kelley interviews Francette in Los Angeles California, about her life growing up in Boston in the 80’s. He asks her about her...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about lessons, experience and life in general

Making the Best of Hardship and Change: An Interview with my Dad

In this interview, I talk to my dad about his experiences growing up, how they shaped him into the person he is today, and learn some life lessons along the way.

The Szul Family

In this interview, I had a long conversation with my mom on our family immigration from Poland. We talk about how she had to learn English, our polish heritage, and how our life is now.

Grandpa Alvin’s advice

I asked my grandpa the basic questions and got some great answers!

Thanksgiving Listen

Rob Tolbert is my neighbor and now knew friend after listening to his advice and adventures