A generation ago

“More butter, more butter.” On December 24th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Jared Julien interviewed his grandma, Lois Julien, about her childhood and how it was for her growing up. She mentions why her life has turned out better than...

Buzz and Piggy

A delve into the childhoods and womanhoods of Kathy Loftus and Peggy LovellFord with Rebekah Preap and Rachel LovellFord.

Sifa Wangia talks with her Kukhu

In this interview, we talked about early childhood memories, what school life was like, and how it was transitioning from life in her village to life in highschool.

Walter Escapes the Nazis

Walter, my grandfather, grew up in Vienna during World War II. We only really learned the full story a few years ago, and it was so fascinating to us how such an amazing tale went untold for so long.

Monique Sandoval and Margaret Basoco

Monique Sandoval (36) interviews her mother Margaret Bosoco (74) about her upbringing, her relationship to traveling and her family.

Katherine Belle

Got to know about Katherines childhood and get to know her . Also get personal .

Charlotte & her Poppop, Anthony, talk about family.

In this interview, conducted in January 2020 in Montville, NJ, Charlotte (18) & her Poppop, Anthony (75) talk about his childhood & family. Anthony shares stories of his mother & father, wife, children, & grand children.

interview with Jimmy Deal

I interviewed my grandfather, papa Deal and he told me about his life.

“Soy Una Niña Problema” Part 2

In this interview, my mother, Maria Paredes, continues to tell stories about her hometown, her rebellious childhood, happiest memories, and biggest regrets as well as what it was like coming to the United States as an immigrant.

“Soy Una Niña Problema” Part 1

In this interview my mother, Maria Paredes, tells stories about her hometown, her rebellious childhood, happiest memories, and biggest regrets, as well as what it was like coming to the United States as an immigrant.

"It's not the money in the bank, it's the money in the relationships with your family that matter most."

I interviewed my grandfather about his life. We enjoyed a good conversation where I got to learn new things about him and while we enjoyed some quality bonding time together.

"Find joy in success"

I interview my mom, Stephanie Kirk, and ask her questions about her life in Salt Lake City. We talk about her career as an interior designer, some life lessons, and impactful experiences.

“La vida en Mexico era difícil”

We spoke about how life in 80s Mexico was very different from how life is now. We speak about my mother’s childhood, how she met my dad, alcoholism in the family, and moving to the United States. The interview is...

Chats with mom

Mom goes into depth about her childhood and adolescent years. Along with family heritage

Carrying On

An overall summary of the life of Paul Torres. The youngest child in a family of immigrants. He tells his story about losing a beloved family member and how he chooses to move on. Paul also talks about some of...

Story of My Mom’s Life

The experiences of my mom through childhood and adulthood. Including school, work, family, and influential people.

“Joie de Vivre” – An interview with Saralinda Bell

This is an interview between me, Sumner Bell, and my mother, Saralinda Bell. We talked about her childhood, college experience, and how she decided to study linguistics and deaf education.

APUSH Grade Reclamation Grandmother Interview

In this interview I talked to my grandmother about her childhood and what life was like for her growing up.