Top 5 Best Pick Players for Fantasy Football from the Raiders

It’s Fantasy Football time! With the NFL Season about to start, people are starting to plan their draft players. We gathered Best NFL players to pick for fantasy football data sources below. We do not want you to spend more...

The Raider Ladies Rock!

For the love of football and the Raiders especially, we are willing to go anywhere for a game. Our unrivaled devotion and unrelenting passion to support our team proves that we are proud members of the Raider Nation.

Patrick Rollin and his dad talk about politics, culture, and society

We first examine how the intersection of politics and sports has changed over time. We then examine the current polarization in U.S. society. Lastly, we discuss topical political issues.

“So I threw myself down on the floor”

My grandfather talks about his life in New York. From crazy taxi drivers to black ice. He also talks about his life with his daughters in New York, and the worst turbulence he has ever experienced. He also talks about...

Logan speaks with his father, Paul, about his experiences playing football and how the sport changed his life.

From the leadership qualities learned to the injuries sustained, the sport of football has changed my father's outlook on life. Here, we discuss the most significant examples of this.

“I Don’t Worry About Little Things”

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Cecilia Munoz (16) interviews her past teacher history teacher, Ralph Bernard (65) about the events that shaped him into the influential person he is today. Mr. Bernard...