2020 Interview

A story about my 2020 year. It had many ups and downs and it was an unexpected experience that I would not want to go through again but at the same time I am grateful that I have.

Daughter Interviews Mother About A Variety Of Topics

Sierra (daughter) interviews Becky (mother) in Derry, New Hampshire. They talked about goals and bucket lists. They talked about what Becky is most proud of. They talked about passions, memories and weird circumstances. They also talked about the hardships Becky...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview took place on Thanksgiving Day in Egg Harbor Township. I interviewed my sister, Monica, she is 21 years old. We discussed on our childhood, memories, etc.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father talks about his life growing up in Vietnam and transitioning to life in the United States

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother and I talked about some of the greatest moments in her life and some of the most difficult. She also shared some lessons she’s learned in her life.

Life In Another Country

My mom and I talk about where she grew up and how her childhood was like.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask. Getting ready to move from Butte, Montana to Portland Oregon. Interview 6

Jenny Rask: 2020-09-05 23:36:46 Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask. Getting ready to move from Butte, Montana to Portland Oregon. Growing up with Lee and Ray Rask in Butte. Mike, Gene, Lee and Ray. Their bond and tight everlasting relationship,...

First born in the U.S.

I decided to interview my sister because she is one of the most influential persons in my life (my go to person). For her being the first born and raised in the U.S. was not easy, she had high expectations...

Jay Hasquet

I interview my dad about some of his best and worst moments in life.

Mary Russo-1/20/2020

Mary talks about the hardships and regrets in her life as well as the amazing things that have happened along with them.

No matter what you just have to keep trying.

I interviewed my mom who only speaks Spanish and some English. We talked about her childhood and how difficult it was growing up poor. We also talked about her education she wasn’t lucky enough like some of her own family...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen American History

My nana and I talk about what her life was like growing up in a large Irish Catholic family. We reminisce on some of her favorite memories from her childhood, and discuss some of the hardships that she has faced...

“English was a problem for me.”

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in College Point, New York. Helen Chen(14), interviewed her mother, Xiaofeng Yang(38), about her experiences when coming to America for the very first time. Xiaofeng Yang shares the difficulties that she had faced...

4882 Miles From Home

Talked about Doris’s life and hardships moving from Germany to the United States.

How It’s Like Being the First Child of Immigrants

Jeffrey Solano (14) interviews Evelyn Solano (26) about her childhood experiences as the first child of immigrants.

Story Corps interview
November 30, 2019 App Interview

We talked about his high school experience. His happiest and most challenging memories and what he has learned form going to Groton.

My Momma :)

Talking about what life was like for my mom and including some of my feelings too :)