RMC Interview Project

RMC Interview Project with Mary White

Grandma’s Lifestyle

This storycorps interview was about my grandmother life. All her experiences and things as a whole she would like to pass on.

From the band room to the office: Mr. Ayers

A glimpse into the vice principals daily life. How has his personal progress affected his progress in the field of education?


I interviewed my grandmother, Barbara Card, about her life and her preferences.

Progress and Paradox, Theo Hassinger and Sharon Rolley

A grandmother and her grandson discuss how times have changed and things the grandson had no idea about his family history.

Insight of Oscar’s life

Some basic questions to give insight of Oscar's life

Chicago’s young’s future

Interviewing my young cousin on how he sees Chicago and his life and how it goes hand-in-hand with bad and good times

Interview with my best friend

I asked my best friend really personal things in order to see what she really is going through

Mother and Daughter Talk

This interview is about a daughter asking some questions she’s curious about to her mother. It talks about the mothers childhood and family. It also talks about a happy moment the mother has experienced and things she likes doing. Finally...

Theatre Project – Melissa Montgomery

In this interview, we talk about many important factors of life including work, family, friends, accomplishments, and memories.

Alex King Historian Recording

This interview is private.

Family Interview

Interview with a family member


Talking to her about her past life and her present.

My Grammy and I look back on her life and her accomplishments

This interview is private.

Assignment 1

Shaping factors in my interviewee’s life, what she is proud of, etc.

The life of Jared Mandrell

In this interview, we take a deep dive into finding out who Jared Mandrell is and his aspects on life.