Shari Small & Scott Acord

Shari recalls the story of how she met the love of her life, the six foot-five, John Small. She was married at the time, but was instantly drawn to his charm and good looks. They quickly developed a deep friendship...

Terri Thornton and Alan Thornton

Terri Thornton (65) interviews her husband, Alan Thornton (69), who has been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease. Terri, herself, has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Together they talk about their bond, their hope for the...

Allan Komarek & Melody Fawcett

Allan is the recipient of the 2021 nursing Leadership Award and a conversation ensues that provides Allan an opportunity to share his story and view on leadership, philosophy, nursing career, and discrimination towards being gay.

Erika Dooley and Thomas Dooley

Erika Dooley (37) interviews her husband, Thomas Dooley (38), about his experience as the partner to someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the advice he would like to share with others.

An interview with Irene about love

Stella Zhu (20) talks with her roommate Irene Lee (20) about exam, love, marriage and having babies.

Juliet Casanova and Geoffrey Howard

Juliet Casanova (49) shares a conversation with her spouse, Geoffrey Howard (54), about Asian American identity, being in an interracial relationship, and the memories they share.

Beth Klaushie-Perez and Kayla Perez on Love and Relationships

Kayla Perez interviews Beth Klaushie-Perez over her experiences in relationships, her outlook on love and what could be the key ingredients in a good and wholesome relationship.

Finding Love

I met Barry around two years ago, but I was lucky to spend a lot of time playing corn hole with him over quarantine. Over that time I've gotten to know Barry a bit. He lives in the Bay Area...

Angela Martin, Tony Capillary, and Beth Capillary

Angela Martin (48) interviews her parents, Beth Capillary (73) and Tony Capillary (73), on their growth as a married couple three days before their 50th wedding anniversary.

Gia M Trotter and Tristan Trotter talk about Mostly Muff

Gia M Trotter: 2021-03-08 00:34:51 Gia Trotter (43) and Tristan Trotter (46) talk about their shared Valentines music benefit concert that they did every year for 11 years until the pandemic. From across two states the sisters would practice and...

Ingrid y Ievgen

Ievgen G: 2021-02-06 23:21:43. Ievgen (31) wants to know more about his girlfriend Ingrid (31), so he is interviewing her. He learns more about her past good and hard memories and her deep experiences in her life.

Laura Yacovone and Scott Harrison

Spouses Scott Harrison (36) and Laura Yacovone (36) discuss how they met, their travel experiences, the challenges they've overcome, and the interesting people who have come into and out of their lives.

"Expectation of Life v.s. Reality"

Betty Ream (79) talks with her granddaughter, Jenna (21) and reflects back on her life.

Zayda Serech, Maria Cristina Garzona Leal, E Cho, and Bani Sandoval

Friends Zayda Serech (29), Maria Cristina Garzona Leal (29), E Cho (32), and Bani Sandoval (40) talk about their friendship and the moments they felt proud of one another.

Russell Lowery-Hart and Christopher Sams

Chris Sams (41) insights with his chosen father, Russell Lowery-Hart (51) in a conversation about how the two became family members and what the journey has been like.

Roberta Miranda and Jacob Sidhom

Roberta Miranda (46) and her son Jacob Sidhom (23) discuss their relationship, their influences and the moments that have shaped their outlook on life.