Things about my older brother

I ask my brother about some personal things about him and people around him. Then asked him about things with COVID-19.

Growing up in Florida!

Growing up in Florida. My best memories, my worst memories, and my childhood move from FL to NY, my childhood friends and my siblings.

To my aunt.

Some questions about his life and future.

Me, My Mom, and I: A Story of Timeless Traditions, Memories, and Influence

I, Elise Spenner, interviewed my mother about crucial aspects of her life. Our conversation began with her childhood, with family traditions, with the interesting stories from our past. Her favorite memories all revolve around shared moments with family, in nature,...

Sisters memory lane

My sisters childhood and what has made her most happiest in life.

Jenny Rask Interview with Father Gene Barth Rask. Number 1

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-23 19:07:45 Jenny Rask interviews her father Gene Rask in their first chat. How and when his grandparents arrived in the US and a look into where they came from in Lebanon around 1898.

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

Interview with José Gutiérrez

this interview was about José and the moments of his childhood.

Jesse Broderick and his grandpa Jay Broderick

Jesse Broderick (13) interviews his grandpa Jay Broderick (78) and covers important topics about Jay's life and memories.

Gavin Wagner and Fran Furlan

Fran Furlan (81) chats with Gavin Wagner (18) about growing up in Italy, moving to the United States, and the transition that accompanied this change. The discussion migrates to Fran's life as a whole as she shares kind memories and...

My Dad’s Memories From Germany

As a part of this interview, I asked my dad about memories that he has from Germany and what some of the differences between the two places that he remember.

Peer connector interview

I talked to my dad about some of his life experiences

Sister interview

Sister answers dark questions I could’ve chosen better.

Krizia Aponte and Brian Davis ☺️

Krizia Aponte (19) talks to her boyfriend, Brian Davis (24), about memories, hopes, regrets, and COVID-19.

Jackie Adkins and Theresa Adkins Lewis: A Mother-Daughter Conversation

On Mother's Day 2020, Theresa Lewis (48) interviewed her mother, Jackie Adkins (85), to discuss a range of topics that allowed Theresa to learn more about her mother. Specifically, they talked about Jackie's joys and sorrows throughout her life and...

Anjana Ramesh and Sabrina Robinette

Anjana Ramesh (18) talks with her childhood and best friend Sabrina Robinette (18) in navigating through mental health and shared experiences throughout life.

Memories of My Mother

I sat with my mom and my dog and took trip down memory lane.