Interview with Kimberly Cole

This is a brief interview I did with my mom to highlight how pure and kind she is.

The King of Pop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with the king of pop? Annabel Bastien interviews her mother Risa Bastien, who is 49 years old, about her career with Michael Jackson in Sherman Oaks. We reflect on...

My Mom’s journey from Russia to LA

Imagine flying over 6,000 miles, to the other side of the globe and settling in a place you know very little about. This might sound scary to a lot of people. Some people don’t like traveling with little kids because...

A dream come true

Ever since she got her first part in a high school play, Bridget Wheelock wanted to be an actress. On January 5, 2020, Dylan Wheelock sat down with his mom, Bridget, to discuss her journey through life to land in...

Me asusté mucho ( I was so scared)

This interview was talking about how it was back in his day where everything was different. With that also what he did back then and what he wanted us to know what happen to him and he what he wanted...

Discovering my Mom

We talk about her life and our lives together.


Talked about life. Also talked about being a teen mom vs a mom now.

A Caring Mom

A mom raised with little income. How it shaped her today.

Interview with mom

If you could do everything again,what would you do differently?

Evan Moore interviews Tracy Moore about her past

Evan asks his mom about what her past was like and how it shaped her to be what she is today

The second best interview ever

talking about my moms life and childhood and what experiences she has been through.

Mom about Sara

I asked my mom questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

Me and Mom and the story of Kay

Mom and I discuss the daughter she gave up for adoption and the reunion 56 years later.

Mom Makes Our City A Safer Place

I interviewed my mom and asked her about the time she used her voice to make our neighborhood a safer place to live.

Interview for History

I asked my mom some questions about her personal life. I asked my mom questions about her work.

Kelly Lahive Hierarchy of needs interview

Interview with my mom about how she met her needs in life

Learning more about someone I see almost everyday

A part of a interview I had with my mom about her growing up with her mom being in the hospital often.

Mother and son

A mom and son sitting and talking