Interview with my Grandparents, Toni and Alan Goldey

In this interview, we talked about my grandparents childhood, how they met, and how their different upbringings have brought different aspects to their relationship. Being apart of the Air Force, we discussed how this lifestyle of constantly moving affected their...

Cole and Pop Pop

I asked my Grandpa (or as we call him, Pop Pop) questions about his life, and our ancestors.

Interview with my dad

We talked about how his life was and what important things happened in his life

Kiera Yarrow’s interview with Walter Yarrow

Kiera Yarrow interviews her grandfather Walter Yarrow asking him about school, life experiences, and life lessons.

WHG Interview
November 26, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my grandfather, who was in the air force, about his life.

Interviewing My Grandpa:)

Me and my grandpa had a detailed discussion about his early life, life in pennsylvania, and his military life.

Herb Ingram & Deacon Wolfe

Deacon Wolfe, student at Westwood High School in Austin, TX, speaks with Hillcrest Baptist Church Second Half Ministry member Herb Ingram about growing up Texan, life in the military, and what Jesus means to him.

David Englert and Logan Englert

David Robert Englert (53) talks to his son, Logan Englert (18), about his service in the military and his five deployments. Logan shares reflections on being raised in a military family and traveling.

Keesler, 338th, Women’s AC

How the women students of the 338TRS used St Patrick's Day to get their air conditioning fixed.

Midnight Chow

The time the head chapel rope talked me into midnight Chow.

A talk with a chaplain.

The time in tech school where I went to verify with a chaplain that I wasn't gay. (Spoiler: I kinda was.)

Cartwheel in formation

The time Airman Dukleth got a 341 pulled for doing a cartwheel in formation.

Guide, Ramming Speed

The time Airman Dukleth called our flight to ramming speed.

Overcoming Obstacles

Marisa and Mark Sonny talk about his experience in the Air Force and how he endured and rehabilitated from a paralyzing injury. They also reflect on life lessons, living during a pandemic and future plans.

Lauren – Air Force Interview

Lauren explains how she got where she is today, and what her future might hold.

Vietnam war pt. 1

My grandfathers perspective of the Vietnam war while working for the Air Force

Interview with Dad

Dad and I talked about life with Parkinson’s, his time in the Air Force, his parents and his life overall.

Phil Leach and Pam Forti

Phil Leach (87) talks with his daughter Pam Forti (60) about his experiences in the Air Force, including working on bomber planes, serving in Guam, and being stationed in El Paso. He also tells the story of how he met...