Nana’s interview

Started with some questions based on her and others memories. What her proudest or hardest memories were, what she is proudest of, and how she'd like to be remembered. Moved to stuff relating to childhood like where she grew up...

The Story of Becoming a Father

Robby Moro interviewed by his youngest son Will about what it was like to become a father. Robby expresses his thoughts on becoming a new father and what the birth of his first born was like.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandfather and I discussed his major and most influential values in his life and how they impacted his decisions and the ways in which he views life. We also discussed his family relationships and his happiest moments.

Interview with a relative

Today I had an interview view with my father. He spoke on his life growing up.

About My Mother

This interview was about what my mother has to pass on to future generations, what she is proud of, and how she wants to be remembered.

Church, childhood, mother and daughter bonding…

me and my mom dive into how her life changed when her grandparents passed away... and how her brother being in the military changed her life

Great Thanksgiving Listen Part 2

During this part of the interview, we talked about my pop-pop’s experience being a husband and father, and what it was like to raise his four kids and eventually grand children.

A Deep Conversation With My Mom

How major tragedies like divorce and death have helped our family grow and how we have overcame those instances and made the best of them. Listen from 8:30-14:20


Connor Monfort Interviews his Mother Shelly Talbott about just life in general and her childhood.

Paula’s life

She was born and raised in Texas, and is very close to her family, she is great full for what god has given her.

Paula’s life

She was born and raised in Texas, and is very close to her family, she is great full for what god has given her.

Aunt Annie Interview

We talked about my cousin, and her child hood. We also talked about things we want to do in the future.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I had the pleasure of learning about the childhood, education, career and marriage of my grandma. Not only was I able to learn information, but had some heart warming interaction with her.

Christina Bowden and Christine Nyholm

This interview is about my grandma’s life and things she has done and been through. She talks about memories in her life and when they were either sad or happy, and other things that made her who she is today.

Lawrence Harris and his mother, Joya Delgado Harris, talk about life.

My mom and I discussed the different events in her life that have left a profound influence on her. She spoke about the how my grandfather impacted her and the lessons he taught her. She talked about the legacy she...

Grandmother interview

We talked about how to handle disappointment in life. We talked about her children and how they make her happy and proud. She also talked about all the peoples who have had influences in her life and the lessons they...

Andrew & Wanda Council- Mother & Son

Mother & Son Interview- Andrew (21) gets to know a little bit more about his mother, Wanda (60), and her background & history.

Questions to my Grandma

Me and my grandma talked about how her childhood was and how it was with her and my grandpa and how it was with her kids growing up

My grandma’s memories

The picture is my grandma with my little sister. They summary is about my grandma telling the story of when I was born and answers to the questions that were on the list.

Speech interview

In my interview I was able to discuss all my moments and memories of my mother’s life.