School Dress Codes: Helpful or Harmful to Self-Expression

Mekensie Weinholtz discusses how school-implemented uniform policies/dress codes can affect the outcomes of socialization and self-expression in adolescents. She interviews her sister, Sydney, who gives insight on her own experience within schools that have strictly-enforced uniform policies.

Recording – 09-25-2023 11:07:21

We talked about your grandparents, grandmas parents and the story of how she met her husband Len.

Oved Espinoza Interview

Oved Espinoza and I discuss his college major, what he plans to do with it, and his experiences with working on the Do No Harm film set over the summer during 2023.


interview with my Dad. Just 5 questions. His name is Arlo Turner.

Recording – 09-11-2023 13:53:08 for school

Wyatt Baxter age 18 and Chris Baxter age 17 brothers. Talking about Chris’s life and the things that he remembers.

Interview with my Dad
September 11, 2023 App Interview

An interview with my (Leah Peevy, 20) dad (Ronald Peevy, 57) about his childhood, how he grew up, and how he was raised.

A college student interviews their grandmother.

I (Nicole) interview my grandmother (Connie) about her family history and her life.

Technological innovation in the 1990s

Interviewer Connor Freeze, a 16 year old sophomore in high school asks his father 47 year old, Scott Freeze, about how the 1990 technology boom impacted his life in high school, college, and early in his working career.

Craig Interview August 19th, 2023

Erin Stevens (33) interviews father Craig Stevens (72) briefly about his life growing up, his adventures during his career, some of his many hobbies, and becoming a grandparent.


Interview with JD we discussed things he does and the what he wants to be.

Recording – Gustavo Rios

this was a interview on Gustavo Rios a 17 from south central. he talked about growing up in la . He also talks about his senior year of high school and what he expectes

Byron Palacios

in this interview we talked about Byron himself and what he likes to do outside of school and why he enjoys what he does outside of school. Byron says that he doesn’t do much outside of school besides chill at...

Recording – 08-18-2023 11:50:32

I interviewed Mirna ask her about bsic question about what she likes and what she doesn't


dianne talked about life in school and outside of school. Things she wants to do.


Asked him questions to better know him

Aumari’s Interview

I interviewed Aumari and asked him six questions to summarize his past & future.

Interviewing Peirreline

Questioned family values and personal life. reflecting from the past and remembering what matters on their journey. (Sentence three).


Her name is Jasmin and she’s 16 years old. We talked about her reason for coming to ajr, most important person to her and more.