Tati’s Interview

My grandma, Anna and I discuss her life experiences when she lived in Armenia and today, in the US.

me and grandma!

me interviewing my lovely grandma in oklahoma

Recording – 05-30-2024 15:22:13

grandson Emmett (16) shares a couchside conversation with his grandfather Ignacio “Jay” Hurtado (80) to discuss his life.

AP History Interview

Amelia VanWinkle (14) interviews Carla Graves (64) her grandmother. Amelia’s questions ranged from Carla’s childhood, her answers mainly related to her religious life and going to a Catholic Church in the South. Later, she shares her time working, her first...

Interview with Babcia

Granddaughter Leah (31) and Grandmother/Babcia Janina (88) discuss her life in occupied Poland during World War II. Recorded on February 9, 2018.

Grandma & Kayla

Nayda (84) and granddaughter Kayla (27) discuss a range of topics.

Grandma’s Kisses

Dr. Audrey Kramen Gordon (age 88) shares with her long-time friend Anne Rooney (age 71) stories of her Grandma’s love and legacy, as demonstrated through her Friday night Sabbath meals, and especially through Grandma’s cookies made with Hershey’s kisses. Audrey...

When Relationships Change: Yaliah’s story about her Grandmother

Yaliah recounts her childhood growing up in Florida with her grandparents. She reflects on how over time her relationship with her grandmother has changed and how she is happy to be actively working on maintaining a close relationship with her.

Nina’s interview

Hayden Powell (17) interviews Nina Foster (78), his grandmother, and talks about her story and memories.

Recording – 04-01-2024 15:29:46

I, Abigail Becerra aged 21, interviewed Debbie Fendley, who is my boss. In the interview, she shared the wonderful memories with her grandparents that she will forever hold close in her heart.

Maine Reminiscing

Janet Hargus is interviewed by her 5 grandchildren about her childhood memories growing up in Maine.

Ashley Boone and R.Sterling Washington

Friends Ashley Boone (31) and Sterling Washington (31) discuss their friendship and how it's developed and changed over time. They also talk about their personal growth, goals, and how loss of parents at a young age affected who they grew...

Recording – 04-07-2024 16:07:40

My grandma and I discussed what is was like for her growing up and she gave me some advice.

My Grandma and Me

This was a very emotional interview with my grandma where I learned some interesting things about her and shared some good stories