Interview with Babcia

Granddaughter Leah (31) and Grandmother/Babcia Janina (88) discuss her life in occupied Poland during World War II. Recorded on February 9, 2018.

Immigration Interview

Abhay (15) and his father, Harish (50), discuss his immigration from India to the US.

Grandma & Kayla

Nayda (84) and granddaughter Kayla (27) discuss a range of topics.

Grandma’s Kisses

Dr. Audrey Kramen Gordon (age 88) shares with her long-time friend Anne Rooney (age 71) stories of her Grandma’s love and legacy, as demonstrated through her Friday night Sabbath meals, and especially through Grandma’s cookies made with Hershey’s kisses. Audrey...

proyecto de entrevista

Esta es una grabación de mí,Francisco Quiroz, entrevistando a Damshike Piyasena para mi proyecto.

When Relationships Change: Yaliah’s story about her Grandmother

Yaliah recounts her childhood growing up in Florida with her grandparents. She reflects on how over time her relationship with her grandmother has changed and how she is happy to be actively working on maintaining a close relationship with her.

LHP – Mathias immigration

Emily (16) talks to her immigrant dad Trevor (45) about his immigration experience.

Recording – 05-06-2024 16:48:31/ interviews

en está entrevista tengo a mi papá hablò sober su historia de dejar su país para vegit aquí a los Estados Unidos. Primero habló sobre su vida cuando era niño en México y contó lo que quería ser cuando fuera...

Raffi Viton and Zach Ward

Raffi Viton (19) and University of Cincinnati student Zach Ward (19) discuss their childhood, family, and sports growing up

Recording – 04-01-2024 15:29:46

I, Abigail Becerra aged 21, interviewed Debbie Fendley, who is my boss. In the interview, she shared the wonderful memories with her grandparents that she will forever hold close in her heart.

KS Interview 4/28/24

Mama’s journey through life in Poland when it was a Soviet satellite state and her immigration to the US. Jan interviews his mom, Kathy.

LHP Interview- William Stephan

Interviewing my grandfather, Joe Stephan, about his experiences immigrating to the US from Egypt.

history interview

Micheal Han (57) talks about his childhood and his immigration from South Korea to the United States of America.

Mongolian Immigration (feat. Anar of Flannery U.S. History)

Anar and his mom, Khulan, talk about her experiences in Mongolia. (sorry for this being an hour and a half perfectly acceptable to listen in 2x speed)

LHS Project

Interviewed my mom on being Chief Immigration Judge

Entrevistando a mi madre sobre inmigración

Mi madre habla de su tiempo en México, el proceso para emigrar y el momento en que llegó a México. Explica un día típico en su país, su recuerdo favorito, por que decidió dejar su país y inmigrar a los...

Maine Reminiscing

Janet Hargus is interviewed by her 5 grandchildren about her childhood memories growing up in Maine.

Blair Christensen and Darby Cain

[Recorded: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024] Blair Christensen, a 22-year-old from Charlottesville, VA and Darby Cain, a 71-year-old from Sheffield, England, discussed their personal beliefs and values, including social innovation, climate change, and access to abortion. They shared their personal experiences...