Immigration from China to US

I interviewed my mom about her immigration from China to the US.

interview with José Panszi

I(Indy Widlansky, 17) interviewed my Abuelo(José Panszi, 83) about his immigration experience. Also, for whatever reason, I said 2003, but it’s 2023

Interview with my Grandpa, Denis Richmond

This interview was conducted for an AP Language project where we were tasked to interview a close elder and give insightful reviews and ask questions so we can further understand how cool our elders really are. I, Seth Greenland(16) interview...

Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

Stephany Gonzalez (16) talks to her older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) about the struggles of race and ethnicy.

Immigration From Italy to America, My grandparents Story

My aunt was speaking on behalf of my grandmother and grandfather (Nonno and Nonna). They had left Italy during the year of 1968, and traveled to Brooklyn NY, in order to provide for their family by working.

Interview for APUSH

I asked my mother about how it was immigrating to America and the language barriers because she didn’t know perfect English.

rosemary hochschild interview

a colorful story of immigration from south africa to america.

StorpCorps Project – Eliana A.K

Eliana Abdel-Khaleq, 16, discusses with her father Ayman Abdel-Khaleq, 49, his experiences immigrating to the US officially in 2019 whilst having done his Masters Degree in International Law in the US from 1993 to 1995.

My mom’s immigration story from Russia to the US

I interviewed my mom (Karina Glosman) about her immigration story, coming from Russia to the United States. We discussed her earliest memories in America, assimilation, financial challenges, her role models, and proudest moments in her life.

Interview With Abuela

I interview my grandma on her life and the story of how she immigrated to America from Cuba. She faced many hardships in her childhood such as poverty and war but persevered and has made a great life for her...

My Mother and Her Father

In this interview, listeners are taken on an emotional journey, celebrating the profound bond between a daughter and her late father. We are reminded of the enduring power of presence, and the immeasurable impact that one person's actions can have...

Talking with my grandparents

Gabe Brown, Jackie Taylor, and Henry Taylor sit on the phone and talk about relationships. Jackie and Henry are both 74. They had a lot to say to Gabe about their experiences.

La historia de mi mamá

My name is Elvis Cruz I am 18 and I interviewed my mom and she is 40 years old. we talked about how she immigrated here and the struggles she faced. We also talked about how it was being in...

Danielle’s Journey and Life in America

Danielle describes her journey to the US at the age of 2, while also explaining her life in America.

Entrevista con mi papá

La historia de mi padre desde que el decidió venirse la primera ves de México ha los EE.UU. Su vida en EE.UU y en que trabaja, la traición de familia, y la adaptación para salir adelante. Al último habla sobre...

Una Vida Nueva, La historia de Elvia

Esta es la historia de mi mamá Elvia. Ella inmigró de Viborillas de Hidalgo, Puebla, México para llegar a EEUU para tener un futuro más mejor.

Entrevistando a mi mamá

El nombre de Mi mamá es altagracia capellan, tienes 62 años su intelectual es algenis Reyes aciendo la interevista, también hablamos de inmigración para los Estados Unidos

project 8 Yeeun podcast

I interviewed Yeeun on her story immigrating to the US from Japan. Yeeun is a Korean who grew up in Japan. She graduated from an international school and she is now here to pursue her dreams.

Interview with Abueli

This interview was between me, Ashley Pazos and Jose Lenza, my great grandfather who is 86 while I’m 18. We talked about his life in cuba, and a brief mention of life in America.

Father and Son interview

Jose Jesus Turino interviewing his father, learning about immigration, life before me, and life with me.

La vida de mi tía Janet

Mi tía, Janet Rodriguez, 37, nos cuenta su vida que ella y su familia tuvieron para tener la oportunidad de vivir cómodamente. Ella describe todos los desafíos que tuvo ella y su mamá, para soportar la familia en Ecuador y...

Interview with Mama

I, Cristina Valdes aged 18, interviewed my mother, Olga Perez aged 52. In this interview we discussed Mama’s upbringing and her story of how she made it to the US from Cuba. We also discussed family dynamics of the past...

Verne, Daniela, and Gabriel

Daniela McArthur, aged 14, and Gabriel McArthur, aged 11, interview their grandfather, Verne McArthur, whom they call “Tuto,” about his life, childhood, and how he wants to be remembered.

Carmen Canning’s Interview

Isabella Canning interviews her mother, Carmen Canning, about her life in Peru and the U.S.