My Parents 101
September 26, 2021 App Interview

Getting more in depth with my parents early life, high school, military and beyond!

What is love?

Diving into a deep conversation with my significant other to hear his perspective on love.

What is love? Part 2

Sorry! Our last interview got cut short, so we made a part 2 to make sure we could finish this awesome interview.

Shari Small & Scott Acord

Shari recalls the story of how she met the love of her life, the six foot-five, John Small. She was married at the time, but was instantly drawn to his charm and good looks. They quickly developed a deep friendship...

Kit Crabtree Interviewed by Nick Dugan
September 2, 2021 App Interview

Nick interviews me on my experiences with communication and the ways that’s changed the way I look at things.

Summers in the Adirondacks, Importance of Marriage, Family, & Faith with Jacquelyn Beale and Jonathan Beale

Jacquelyn Beale (85) shares memories and insights with her grandson, Jonathan Beale (26) of summers going up to visit cousins in the Adirondacks, traveling, legacy, kindness, a happy marriage, family, and advice for future generations.

Interviewing a nine year old

Asking a nine year old some life questions and more

Alex and Lizzy’s Story <3

Me and my boyfriend Alex talking about how, why and since when we've loved eachother for. Basically just us gushing and giggling over microphone <3

Warren Parkes and Lori Motola

Warren answered the age old question, "Who are you?", and spoke about how knowing oneself can help us give more love to others.

My life as your mom!

My son Edward and I talked about my life as hi mom. How I felt when I found out I was pregnant with him and my love for him.

Allan Komarek & Melody Fawcett

Allan is the recipient of the 2021 nursing Leadership Award and a conversation ensues that provides Allan an opportunity to share his story and view on leadership, philosophy, nursing career, and discrimination towards being gay.

Reflections of The Unfaithful

Interview uncovering the intentions and feelings behind devastating heartbreak.

The Fabric of Carmen’s life.

The weft and warp of Carmen’s life: family, friends, work..

StoryCorps Interview 2021

This interview is private.

Here we are

Sitting down with Derek talking about our lives together so far.

An interview with Irene about love

Stella Zhu (20) talks with her roommate Irene Lee (20) about exam, love, marriage and having babies.

My little brother and I

A deep talk with my brother about our feeling and education on him.

Living Through Pain

Sometimes we forget family goes through it too. Do we grow to cope the same or to be different? If you are to lose your loved today, will you remember them how they wanted to be or as you grew...

The Journey of Life pt. 2

Diving deeper, we discover the upbringing, the goals and the reason for Ayoubi’s relocation.

A few things about life

The interview was about living and not just "being alive", by personal experience and knowledge.