Josh and Tony Pedretti at home the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, 2021

Tony is asking Josh about Jujutsu training and designing games in Roblox Studio at home the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, 2021

Evan S. and Robb Russell

Evan S.: 2021-03-04 20:48:32 - Robb Russell (83) talks to his Granddaughter, Evan (17) about his childhood and family growing up in Illinois.

Interview with instructor Lacey Jenkins (24) and student Jania Doyal (19).

Lacey Jenkins (24) will be talking about some personal/professional accomplishments, her greatest influence in life, a teacher that impacted her life, and the COVID-19 pandemic. She will also share her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, how it feels...

Costello Pride

Elle Costello interviews her dad, Dan Costello, and they talk about family and Costello pride.

Talk with my godfather

I had a talk with my godfather. We talked about him and his family

Imani Johnson and Kevin Johnson

Imani Johnson (21) talks to her father, Kevin Johnson (51) about his experiences growing up in Chicago and how these experiences shaped him into the man he is today. They talked about his childhood, family, and his life as a...

Todd Gulley and Tom Lusitana

Todd Gulley talks with Tom Lusitana about his family, his time in the military and about his ethnicity.

How the Coronavirus is Affecting My Family

I talked to my family (mom, dad, two sisters) about the coronavirus and how it is affecting them.

Aisha's Commitment

Since 2002, Aisha has received support from La Casa Norte. From housing advocacy to helping her receive full custody of her child, they have been a stable support for her for years.

Veronica's Victory

Veronica shares her story, from running away from an abusive mother and relying on a cruel man to finding help and working toward a nursing degree.

Sister bound

We talked about deep conversations on what we mean to each other and what other close people in our lives mean to us.

Grandma Grunloh and I

I asked my grandmother questions to find out more about who she is now and who she was. She told me about her childhood, her family, her school, grandpa, and events that shaped her life.

Th Great Thanksgiving Listen-Brandon Singh & Roger Singh

In this interview, Conducted on December 1st, 2019 In Chicago,IL, Brandon Singh(18) interviews his loving father, Roger Singh(51) about what his life is today, and what has made him who he is. Remembering his favorite childhood memory of basketball, when...

The Life of a Gentleman

This interview with my mom about my grandfather covers his entire life including his professional career, personal life, family life, and the kind of person he was. He was a first generation American from Norway, and through his education focusing...