Farmington Hills (Township) Through The Eyes of My Grandma

Conner Maguire (15) interviews Cherris Maguire (74), his grandmother, about where she grew up and what it was like.

Interview with my mom

I interview my mom who is 51 about her life in Vietnam prior to moving to the Philippines and the United States. She talks about some hardships our family faced as immigrants in this country.

Interviewing Marc Garganta

John Larot (16) interviews his friend Marc Garganta (22), a fresh Indiana Tech graduate, about what life after college is like, life growing up in the Philippines and transitioning to America, and questions about the future.

interviewing my mom

Javier Vallina (17) interviews his mom Yolanda Vallina (53) about her childhood in San Diego California and Laredo Texas, along with her pathway to adapted physical education.

Interview with my parents

Mario Pino Pérez (17) and his sister, Melissa Pino, interviews his parent, Janeth Pino and Mario Pino, about their lives in Mexico and United States.

interview with my mother

Laci Fredlund is 15 years old recording an interview with her mother Erin Fredlund who is 48 years old. They talked about family, life, childhood, work, and everything else.

Mylee Walter & April Walter – Life Before and After Children

Mylee Walter (15) interviewing her mom, April Walter (38) in Darien, Wisconsin. Mylee asks April some questions about her childhood and where she was born. Then, they finish off with first impressions and life now.

Talk about Childhood

Talk to my mother about how her childhood was and the things that influenced her to grow up to who she is.

The Struggle moving to the US

I interviewed my aunt about her childhood. She grew up in Vietnam but moved to the U.S. She also states the struggles and hardships, as well as the good times.

Service Learning Interview

This interview is with my uncle, Tuan Nguyen, age 41. The topics include thoughts about his childhood in Vietnam and immigration, alongside general life experiences.

Service Learning

I am interviewing my uncle, Jonathan Huynh, who is 36 years old and this is a recording of the things he has done in life.

Diana Lee Townsend aka Dee, Boppy, Grandee, Granny, Mom

1st interview with our mother/grandmother and how she remembered growing up. David age 49 Derek age 46 Marci age 18 Dee age 81


My interview with my grandpa about his life and his childhood.

Interviweing my dad

In this interview I asked my dad a series of questions ranging from who looked up to him to who’s his favorite Disney princess. We get into his childhood and into people he has knows forever.

Mahlon Robert Sutton

Mahlon Robert Sutton, my grandfather, reminisces on his childhood, relationship with grandma, and his choices to be in the Navy. Audio is recorded over phone call, as we live in different states, making the time spent talking to him so...

Interview with my Grandpa, Denis Richmond

This interview was conducted for an AP Language project where we were tasked to interview a close elder and give insightful reviews and ask questions so we can further understand how cool our elders really are. I, Seth Greenland(16) interview...

Deb Ryan story capsule

Deb Ryan is my friends grandma she is kind and motherly but also fierce and brave. She lived in a lot of places but setteled down in the Midwest. We love her a lot and hope she lives a long...

Interview with my Mother

In this interview, Dalilia Ibanez speaks with her mother, Lilia Marquez, about her youth, what it was like when Dalilia was born, and the current present.

Highschool from the past

My mother growing up as a child. The memories made in the past. The highschool life of my parents

Service Learning Project

In this interview, I asked questions about my father’s childhood and his experiences as he grew up in Vietnam. His name is Cuong Nguyen and he is 61 years old.

Oral interview with grandmother Carmen

I sat down with my grandma to hear her story about being a new citizen in the United States as a Mexican homemaker. Later on adding to her family.

Yo soy dominicano

Francisco habla de su experiencia inmigrando a los EEUU. Él también menciona cómo volvió a conocer su etnicidad.

Blake and Dekendrick

I interviewed my friend Delendrick, about his childhood, what he was taught and what kind of things he went through so far in his life.

Kyle and Liam – 5/11/23

My name is Kyle and I am 20 years old. I interviewed a friend who I met at college, Liam, who is also 20. The majority of the interview topics that we’re discussed were his upbringing and how his Jewish...