Deb Ryan story capsule

Deb Ryan is my friends grandma she is kind and motherly but also fierce and brave. She lived in a lot of places but setteled down in the Midwest. We love her a lot and hope she lives a long...

Oral interview with grandmother Carmen

I sat down with my grandma to hear her story about being a new citizen in the United States as a Mexican homemaker. Later on adding to her family.

Mother’s Day

Talking to my mom about how she was raised, how she raised us and my future plans on mother’s day.

Mary and her daughter Leticia

Leticia visiting from CA interviews her mom, Mary Frances about her childhood memory and her life adventure at Share Your Story event at the Elsie Stuhr Center.

Oral History Project- Interview With Iliana

Alina Acosta, senior in high school in Miami, interviews her Cuban-immigrant mother, Iliana Borges-Acosta. They discuss her mother’s childhood and relationships.

Maria Salas Interview

Mother and daughter Maria Salas (47) and Daniela Rodriguez (17) speak about her mothers journey through life. They touch on the mothers immigrant story and how she felt getting to America.

18 Years With You

A discussion between a grandmother in her 70’s and her teen granddaughter. Included different discussions on relationship, heritage, and advice. Related to different experiences and opened up on a new level.

Afternoon Chats

One of my favorite things to do after school is sit down with my dad and talk. This chat was a little awkward, as it was my first time recording it, but my dad and I always have some interesting...

Interview with Grandma

For my PSY 230 class, I interviewed my 71 year old grandma Rosalina Góngora. We talked about her life, her proudest moments, how her life is different from the life she imagined and how she’d like to be remembered.

Interview-Manny Piedra

Manny Piedra is my father and I wanted to ask him questions about me and the life he has had of unforgettable and fun filled memories.

Interview with Abuela

I am 18 years old and Esperanza Ruiz is 75 years old. Esperanza is my grandma and we talked about her childhood, her proudest accomplishments, and how my abuelo and her met.

StoryCorps Interview Project – Kayla Provini || Interview with my Mom

In this interview, I (Kayla Provini, 14) interview my mom (Christina, 42). Throughout this video, I ask my mom questions about her personal experiences and memories from her life.

Interview with Mom

I (19F) talked with my Mom, Melissa (54F) about a variety of topics from childhood memories, parent relationships, and what it was like raising me and my sisters.

Kempa Family History

Madeline Kempa is who I interviewed. She is my grandma and she is 80 years old. We spoke about grandma’s side of the family and their history.

Claire and mom

My interview was with my mom, Jennifer Heizer who is 47. My name is Claire Heizer and I’m 11 years old. This interview was about my mom, her family history, her childhood, and how she met my dad.

My Mom’s Memories

My name is Devin Riggs, and I interviewed my Mom, Cecille Riggs. I asked her a variety of questions and got to learn more about her and myself.

Interview with Nana

Interview with Jean Gentry by Ally Adamo. Jean Gentry, 83, is the grandmother to Ally Adamo, 18. They discuss memories, family, and hopes.

Storytelling With My Grandma

I gave my grandma a short interview asking questions about herself

LHP: The New Immigrants

I am 16 years old living in Chicago, IL and I am interviewing my grandma who lives in Florida with my uncle but is currently in India on a trip. She is 75 years old. We talked about her coming...

Donna and Ava

Donna McReynolds is the grandmother that is 70 years old. Ava Wenger is giving the interview which is 20 years old and a student at Ball State. We talked about how she grew up and also how raising my mom...

Carol "Mitzi" Rossmann and Deanna Drake

A friend, family member, volunteer and employee of The Mount shares her story about how The Mount has shaped her to be the person she is today. She reflects on her deep commitment to The Mount mission and culture.

Grandma Jo

A story with Grandma Jo. She tells us her story and much more.

Mother and Teenage Daughter Chat About Life

Mother Cindy Ouillette and Daughter Lily Ouillette sit down to chat about life, values, and their relationship.