interview with my grandpa

Be Bretko interviews her grandpa about his life

Thor Fjellstedt – packing family home in North Carolina to move in with son’s family in Florida

Thorsten Fjellstedt 82 interviewed by his son Anders Fjellstedt 42 in Thor’s home of 35 years as he prepares to move to Florida and live with Anders’ family. Thor reflects on his life in his house in Chapel Hill, NC,...

Interviewing my friend
February 15, 2024 App Interview

I interviewed my friend Johnny who is a friend of mine. In the interview I asked him many questions about life, school, etc. In the end we still have some time left over so he decided to ask me some...

Interview With Fariza Islam

Allison Nguyen interviews her best friend Fariza Islam on her early childhood and school experiences. She recounts funny stories she had as a young child, and what she thinks of school.

senior interveiw

This is a project between the freshman and seniors, the freshman interview the seniors and ask about their school experience.

Life in Marion Indiana in the 1960’s

My grandfather talks about his life as a kid and about his parents and his parents parents(his grandparents)

interview with Stephanie Johnson

Gary Merriman Stephanie Johnson asking good questions assignment

Interviewing a young artist – Dylan Spencer

Today I interviewed my younger brother, Alex as we dive through his life and experience as an artist.

Importance of Local Medicine in Yap

Lilliana (39) interviewed Josephine Leethin (80) about the importance of local medicine in Yap that students can learn at school. Yapese local medicines are passed down from elders by teaching their kids the names of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, ferns,...

Grandpa’s Life Growing up in Detroit

Joseph (16) interviews his grandfather (77) about his parents childhood and life during adulthood.

Interview with my Grandpa, Ronald Engelhardt

Noah Engelhardt (Age 15) interviews my Grandpa Ronald Engelhardt (Age 78) with help from my Grandma Betz (Age 69). We talked about his mother and father, his grandparents, their jobs, growing up without his father, and his life in the...

Mia Yurecko Interviewing Her Abuelo About His Career and Early Life
January 1, 2024 App Interview

Mia Yurecko (14) interviews Mario Garcia, her abuelo (76). They talk about his career, what his childhood was like, and some life lessons that he learned over the years. They also talk about Mia's mother and how Mario met his...

Questions for Grampy
December 28, 2023 App Interview

Pearl Neafsey interviewing Bill Pruitt (Grampy) on questions about his life.

Kinney Grandparent Interview

Discussed topics with grandparents about early life.

Carl and Jenny Howard
December 23, 2023 App Interview

The participants are Carl and Jenny Howard (Papaw and Mamaw) and their interviewer was their grandson Alec Sullivan. This was a quick discussion about their meeting, hopes and desires, and advice for future generations.

Janelle Interview

Janelle reading “What It’s Like” poem

Recording – 12-19-2023 16:14:34

event interviewed my grandma and grandpa what year they got married he was in the military. He grew up on a farm. He’s been doing for a long time. 

grandma history final
December 20, 2023 App Interview

my grandma (80) is being interviewed by me ( Alina Baker) and her life during the 50s and 60s on how she has moved and important events.