interviewing my mom

Javier Vallina (17) interviews his mom Yolanda Vallina (53) about her childhood in San Diego California and Laredo Texas, along with her pathway to adapted physical education.

Interview with a family friend

I (Vi Hoang) (17) had conversation with a family friend named Thao Nguyen (26) about growing up and life in Vietnam.

IB Lang Lit Kayla Boger

Culminating activity for Weldon IB Lang Lit

An Interview with Myself

In this video, I discuss some important people and lessons in my life to this point.

Judy Stoleson (Mom) interview

Nancy Lorette interviewing her mother Judy Stoleson. She talks about life as a child in the 1940s and 1950s

Interview with MAGI

in this interview Magi shares stories from her romantic life, childhood, her big family and her career.

Interview with Veronika Cueto

My name is Valerie Cueto and I am 18 years old. I interviewed Veronika Cueto who is 19 years old. She is my sister and we spoke about various things including religion and school.

Kathryn and Tram 5/5/2023

Kathryn Holling (20) talks with her high school friend Tram Ngo (19) about her experience as a Vietnamese student and also her Buddhist religion.

Dylan and Kierstin 5/4/23

Dylan Jurgens (18) talks with fellow classmate Kierstin Anderson (20) about growing up in California and memories through out their life.

Super Serious Talks with Seth, special guest Corey

Seth 20 and Corey 19 discuss different backgrounds and perspectives on our lives and how we ended up where we are.

A Talk with Mrs. Tyer

a talk with my advisory teacher, Mrs. Tyer. she's been an anchor over my school career and I would not be where I am without her.

Sydney and Ms. Ingram

Sydney Berry (18) interviews Jada Ingram (27) about her career in education.

Sydney and Ms. Carr

Sydney Berry (18) interviews Carolyn Carr (59) about her life with the school system.

Interview with Jessica

Today I interviewed a Jessica Press about her High School experience. She told me about her experience with the school system and her friends.

Interview with Juliana Chavarro

Interview was with Juliana Chavarro, age 19, and Daniela Semino, age 18. Semino was the interviewer and Chavarro was the Interviewee. They have been best friends since 7th grade, 6 years. In the interview they discuss childhood, school, and mental...

the best memories of my last year!

Hi, my name is William Clifford and I interviewed my special Ed caseload teacher, Audra Lowery. we talked about my senior year and the bond we share.

Unemployment Discussion – Ziyah & Jenna ECON Final

a discussion on school, unemployment, and being stressed as an undergrad!

Growing up in the U.S.

I interviewed my mom Maria Rodriguez about her life in the U.S and in Mexico. I ask about where she grew up and the different challenges she went through.

Remembering the 60s

Jaina Bencze and Eli (Elizabeth) Foster interview Sandy Midduagh (Granny) about her experience and lifestyle during the 60s. She talks about her experience with religion and overall lifestyle in highschool and post graduation.

Mrs. Harp and Me

Mrs. Harp is the teacher who helped me transition from a small town school to a big city school in the middle of the year. She was the person to advocate for me and definitely a friend through it.

Intro to Ed School Experience Interview

Erin Stubbs (19) interviews her sisters boyfriend Nikolas Brzezinski (26) about his educational background and how it made him the person he is today.

Oral History Interview-the 60’s

Madison Schmidt was the interviewer and Deb Heleine, her Grandma was the interviewee. The topics discussed were life during the 60’s including the Vietnam war, music during this time, and activities available to people during this time.

BSC Staying Open!

I followed up with Cade Robinson about BSC choosing to stay open.