interview with my dad

I interviewed Brian Humphrey, who is my father, he is 37 years old. I asked him about his family and his job. I used him because the only grandparents that come around live in Georgia.

Memorable moments in our lives stay with us forever

This interview was recorded in Egg harbor Township, New Jersey in my cousin, Tina Nammour’s basement. The participants in this interview are Alexa Nammour and Tina Nammour. We both came from a middle eastern background, however growing up in New...

Talking with my sister – 11-25-2023 16:18:20

In this interview I asked my 18 year old sister Elle about her life. I asked her about her school experiences, our family, and her proudest moments.

Interview With My Mom

My mom (age 44) and I (age 15) talking about my mom’s childhood, how she met my dad, and what impacts were made in her life. My mom talks about the relationships she has with her siblings and my dad....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Katie Zabel

In this interview, my mom, Katie Zabel and I discussed her childhood. She told me about her favorite stories and memories regarding school, sports, and home life.

Recording – 11-24-2023 18:30:24

Conversation with me (Chandler Peeples) and my grandmother (Mimi) about her childhood, my mom, and grandfather. This was recorded at my house in Vestavia Hills, Al and there are plenty of stories of what it was like growing up in...

Granny Interview – 2023

During my Great Grandmothers life there have been lots of changes such as electricity, automobiles, and internet. She was born in 1939 and I am interviewing her at our family gathering!

Thanksgiving Interview With My Uncle
November 24, 2023 App Interview

My name is Emily Ta and I am interviewing my uncle, Rod Faccio. My uncle had a wild childhood and a teacher who deeply inspired him. Through years of experience, he has learned the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Gales fortnite talk

Hi my name is Maria Perez I am 16 years old and I am here takeing a practice recording with Gale about what he would like to be remembered by.

Gael interviewing maria

Gael Gonzalez, 16 years old interviewing Maria Perez and it is November 22nd and we are interviewing before lunch and we discussed about our life.

Recording – 11-22-2023 08:15:16

Halle (19), interviews her great grandma Polly (88), about growing up in small town rural Oklahoma. We talk about everything from getting married at 15 to finding out she was going to be a grandma at 36.

interviewing Rob

I asked Rob about his life experiences and thoughts on school, life, and holidays.

Interview About Mazie Martin

Abby (15) interviews fellow student Mazie (15) about her life at home and school along with special holidays.

Espeer, Owen (Peer Interview 11/27/23)
November 21, 2023 App Interview

In this interview me and my interviewee talked about her future and aspirations for what to come.

“Peer interview 11/20/23”

This interview displayed how Sports can affect you, and your lifestyle. It shows connection through friends, school, and your daily life. This interview and influence young people to choose a sport that they will stick with and love.

Recording – 11-20-2023 12:08:43

I interviewed Kelly Bullano, 15. And the interview was about school.

Recording – 11-16-2023 14:13:19

today we will be interviewing Kevin and speaking more in depth about his life, Kennedy high school, how he feels on certain topics, etc.

Recording – 11-15-2023 21:33:21

I interviewed Jaycee Graham on 11/15/2023

Recording – 10-23-2023 19:58:46

In this interview we are talking with Megann Chesshir. She is my mother. She talks about her memories as a student in an early elementary school.

Recording – 10-16-2023 21:21:55

In this interview, my sister talks about how it was for her growing up. She also talks about how school was like for her when she was younger.

School Dress Codes: Helpful or Harmful to Self-Expression

Mekensie Weinholtz discusses how school-implemented uniform policies/dress codes can affect the outcomes of socialization and self-expression in adolescents. She interviews her sister, Sydney, who gives insight on her own experience within schools that have strictly-enforced uniform policies.