Interview with Jessica

Today I interviewed a Jessica Press about her High School experience. She told me about her experience with the school system and her friends.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Tony Weiss is interviewed by his granddaughter, Reese Weiss about hid childhood growing up. This interview took place on Thanksgiving at Reese’s house. His life was amazing and exciting that made for a great story to tell. Tony Weiss has...

ronyn interview
November 29, 2022 App Interview

My sister ronyn had her ups and downs threw out her life, she fought threw it and her childhood seemed good. Me and Ronyn had really good bond when we were little and she was always there for me. Ronyn...

Mother and Son Interview

I asked my mother questions about her young teenage life and allow her to rejog her memories of her young life and her dad, who sadly passed away when she was young

Intervieing Liz goody

I learned about my aunt and who she lost ,and her regrets. This interview helps me learn on what I should focus most about.