Discovering the Bling in Life with Francesca DiGiovanni and Susan Pescatore!

Francesca (15) interviews her Aunt Susie (52) on December 5, 2022 about their childhoods and how their lives have changed as the years go by. They discuss the difference in how they both grew up and their wishes for the...

Grumpy's Childhood and On..
August 5, 2022 App Interview

My name is Natasha Davis and I am interviewing Ronnie Davis aka Grumpy my father-in-law. I am 36 years old and he is 76 years old. we discussed his childhood, parent and grandparent history and some experiences as a parent.

Interview with Grandma (Vovo Lu)

My grandma is from Brazil so some aspects of her life, like her childhood are different than most people. I like to hear funny stories about her life growing up to get to know her better and how they impacted...

Shuko Lee’s Interview

I interview my grandma about our family, history, and ideals!


On Thanksgiving day, I (Emily) and Joenna participated in an interview where we talked about the similarities in our lives and how being an Asian American influences it!

Interview with my grandma!

We talked about her childhood, where she grew up, school, memories, jobs, and how she met her partner!

Eliza Peterson and Julia Peterson

Eliza Peterson (21) talks with her sister Julia (20) about her experiences in school, from kindergarten to senior year. Julia shares about impactful teachers, her school-related anxiety, and her best memories.

The World's Out There, Which Ever Part Of It You Want To Be In.

Elaine Turner Lamb talks with her colleague, Cristi Hebert about creating her own sense of home, especially in light of her life traveling, and recreating a home again and again, and especially the importance of story.

Balbina’s memories of her family becoming migrant workers in the late ‘40s.

Balbina Escobar Tijerina shared memories of the first time that her family traveled to Hartford, Texas as migrant farm workers. She also shared her first out of state migrant farm worker adventures in Idaho to work at a sugar beet...

Ella Wilson interviews any Wilson about her life and family

My mother is an amazing women who has accomplished many things in her life. In my podcast we talk about some of those things and some backstory into my family.

What was Life like Growing Up?

Today I'm here with Andy Blake, my foster father and I'm going to ask him a few questions about what life's like growing up.

the great thanksgiving listen 2020 by liv martinolich with grandma and grandpa.

the great thanksgiving listen on november 24th, 2020 by liv martinolich with grandma and graphics in their living room. these are my fathers parents born in New York City, USA. Both are 83 years old born in 1937. we discussed...

GTL Interview

An interview about where my father grew up and what is was like for him.

I Was Lucky to Have Them

Betty Foster - 86 years old - remembering her grandparents.

They're My Folks

Raiford Foster - 88 years old - remembering his grandparents

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview with my 90 year old grandmother.

Kiera Yarrow’s interview with Walter Yarrow

Kiera Yarrow interviews her grandfather Walter Yarrow asking him about school, life experiences, and life lessons.