Grandma Nelson’s Life Stories
December 24, 2022 App Interview

my grandma nelson talks about her experiences in life. she talks about our family and all her favorite stories.

Interview With Gertrudis

This interview is in Spanish. I, Carlos Cazares, interviewed my grandmother, Gertrudis Contreras, with the help of my mother, Gabriela Cazares. This interview is about my grandmothers fondest memories.

Tillie’s Telling Tales

i interviewed my Momma, Clotilda “Tillie” McCarthy DeLaurentis, on Friday, November 25, 2022. my Momma has lots of stories. Here are a few of them. I love you, Momma.

Rita Hungler (Grandma to Avery)
September 10, 2022 App Interview

7 year old Avery Hungler interviews her Grandma Rita Hungler about her childhood, parents, her children (including Avery’s Dad) and how she met Granddad.

Jameson Interviews Tricia about Lena Teinila, Her Mother's Unsolved Murder, Rejection, and Reconciliation

Jameson O'Neal talks with his mother, Tricia O'Neal, about her mother, Lena Teinila, as well as several other family members. Jameson and Tricia discuss rejection, reconciliation, and how those life lessons come full circle. Lena Teinila's homicide is the only...

Fred & Phyllis Herschelman: An interview with my wife's grandparents. Giving the gift of cherished memories for her birthday.

Joe sits down with Fred & Phyllis Herschelman. Fred served our country in the U.S. airforce for various wars. Phyllis is the loving matriarch of a loving family in Central, Illinois.

Ben Heath and Christina Mowery

Ben Heath: 2020-11-23 21:50:12 We talked about her childhood, and growing up, and the current situation that were all facing.

Aunt Cherry (sibling #12)

My Aunt Cherry is the 12th of my Grandma Classy's children. We talked for a bit about the coronavirus, the ways she is keeping up with there grandchildren and how her church has handled the transition. My favorite part of...

Glorias interview :)

I interviewed my Grandma (and my grandpa) and asked about marriage, my grandma's life growing up and what her favorite memories are

The Great Talk!!

In this interview you will hear about what my Mother's life was like as a child and what shaped her to be the women she is today. Also you will hear about how my birth affected her. This is for...

Grandma and Grandpa Myers

We talked about family, happy moments, and other amazing moments in their lives.

The Life of my Grandma

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Hector Gaud interview his grandmother Josefina Gaud about her childhood and her memories with her family. Ms. Gaud shares her experiences and memories as her job as...

Grandma Kaminski talks about her childhood

I am Connor Kaminski, one of the youngest grandchildren of my grandmother Alice Kaminski. She is the oldest living member of my entire extended family and the last of my grandparents. Turning 87 in 2018, she is an inspiration because...

Being Tough on Yourself

Alot of people are unnecessarily tough on their selves. This is my grandmother's take on why she is.