Story of Immigration. Experiences in Mexico and the United States

Immigration Family Interview

Jorge Cruz takes the time to talk about his experience about being an undocumented immigrant.

Family citezenship interview

This is an interview of my aunt and father about their process to get citizenship in the us and their experiences.

Interviewing my father

My father opens up about his past in Mexico and hardships of coming to the untied states

Immigration Story JR

As long as every other country in the world is in poor condition people will continue coming to the states

Immigrant story

This interview was a description about the past and present life of an immigrant that is now a U.S. citizen.

Immigration Story

Talks on the interviewers story about why they chose to come to the United States and how they view the political spectrum.


We talked about where she grew up and what she thinks about the political party’s

Intrevista de mama

My moms expire lien when with politics and her beliefs.

Maria and her opinions

She talks about her family and her values that have brought her to where she is today.

APB Family Interview

Do you consider yourself political in anyway. It also speaks about were the person was born. Where he grew up and about some of the persons values such as hardworking a great listener and more. It talks about political ideology.

StoryCorps Family interview Assignment

I interviewed my mom on her thoughts about her political stands and why she feels that way

David and Pedro’s interview

My dad talked about his family and his political views on Mexico and The United States

Family Interview-Government

This interview was dealing with the government. I interviewed my mom, to get her opinion on the topic of politics.

Political stance

We talked about where my mother comes from what her traditions and traits are to her and her family. We also talked about her political stance in today’s world not just in the U.S. but also her home country.

Family Interview

A brief introduction about the person being interviewed. Their opinion on politics and other things going on in the government such as Donald Trump and gun control. Talks about democracy and the republic system.

Family Interview Assignment

In this interview, my mom, Concepción Tavarez, talked about our family, our values, and our place in American society. She further explained why she feels like the United States political system does not help minority families, but does help those...

Janet Zapata Flores – US Government

This is my mother. She is a 41 year old lesbian Mexican American immigrant that is also a single mom.