Interview with my Mom

Me asking my Mom a hand full of questions that I was interested in.

Jonah’s interview

I talk with my grandpa about his past and his experience in life

Family Stole Horses

My ancestors stole horses out of Ireland and to avoid punishment they came to America.

Talks with Mom

I asked her a few questions about her life & herself.

The Important Things

I interview my girlfriend and get some unexpected answers.

Family is everything
February 2, 2019 App Interview

This is a story of how my grandfather transitioned from the life in Mexico to a life in California

Michael Scott Hinojosa

This was a interview about the life of Michael Scott Hinojosa.


what was talked about was just basically my moms life. Randomly picked questions which meant something to her

Araby Lemmon interviews Kathryn Lemmon 1-10-2019

Araby Lemmon interviews her grandmother Kathryn Lemmon for a family tree interview, Nature Sparks

Interview with my Mother!

What was talked about today on January 8, 2019 was about her past and current life and how my mom would like all of this to playout and what she enjoyed most. This is also about the interests she has...