A Mother’s Love

I ask my mom mom personal questions about our relationship and I learn more about her background.

Grannies House

We talked about my participant playin gc basketball at his grannies house and he broke his finger

Brothers Second Birthday

This participant had more than one special place and story.

Interview with my nana

We discussed about her having childing and any advice that she’d like to give me.

Famous Gabby

Gabriella and I -her aunt- talked about Gabby’s favorite activities, family and friends.

Marcus and Qaani Girard

Marcus interviewed Qaani on his life and his struggles. It is very interesting.

Interview ?

This was an interview with me and my father todd

generations with parents

talked about their life as an teenager & going to school . how was there time different from now

Intro Brigitte Stehlik

Brigitte’s childhood in Winterspuren Germany in the early 1940s and what she’s grateful for.

An Interview with Mom

We talked about how I was like as a child growing up . Also stories about my childhood

Interview parents on college

Asked my mom/aunt on the road to college. And what she expects from us.

The Importance of Education

This interview discusses the importance of education in life, drawing examples from the experiences of Jon Moeller.