Interviewing The Musician

This interview was conducted In my living room, on Wednesday October 18, 2019. I have interviewed my sister, who is also one of our vocalists. We mainly talked about the band, but some questions were a little more personal then...

Kamryn Keith interview

We mostly talked about growing up, family, and political views.

My interview

I took the time today to ask my father about the relationship of how he met my mom.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

It was a fun and enjoyable moment and a nice conversation that I had with my mom

Equality and Justice Interview Part 2

I asked multiple questions on my Grandmas life and what she remembered. I tried to pull as much as I could out of her.

Micheal Duffy

We talked about Micheal Duffy’s experience from a young child to where he is now and how he got there. Listen to his journey on my interview!

interview with my cousin

we had a lot of fun. we had a lot a fun recording this interview.

My mom

I chose to ask my mom a few questions to get to know her childhood a little more

Generations of Stories: My Dad

I asked my dad about growing up, meeting my mom, and who came before me. We also speaked of civil rights activists and who they are.

Thanksgiving Interview

What was talked about was my mothers generation and comparing it to now.


I am speaking with my younger sister, Olivia Penfield about the good times and bad times.

My grandma debra

How much my grandma loved me and how much she loved her child hood

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Got to interview my mom for a project I’m doing! Happy late Thanksgiving and happy fall! (The photo was taken by my dad)

Interview with the Birthgiver

This is an interview with my mom. It concluded some serious questions and some funny ones.