Interview with grandpa

We talked about his early life and his life right now.

Patrick Rollin and his dad talk about politics, culture, and society

We first examine how the intersection of politics and sports has changed over time. We then examine the current polarization in U.S. society. Lastly, we discuss topical political issues.

Patrick Rollin Interview with Dad

We began talking about the intersection of culture and politics. We then examined the polarization in politics and current Presidential nominees.

College football pay players or no

We talked about college athletes and pro athletes on if they should make money in college and should there be a cap on the salaries in pro sports.

A Football Players Perspective on Kneeling during the National Anthem

A brief interview with Eriq Lee-Brown, an all-state and 2x all-conference football player for Manchester High School, inquiring about his thoughts on player’s kneeling during the national anthem as a sign of protest.

Transitioning from Duke University to the NFL 1972 – 1973

Ernest Jackson played defense back and running back as a senior for Duke University in 1971. He is the is the only player to win ACC offense player of the week and ACC defense player of the week in the...


I believe the Kaepernick dispute has led to many controversial issues in american sports. I am here interviewing Marci Jenkins on her opinions regarding Kaepernick helping stand up for what he believes in.

Is the name of the football team “Redskins” offensive?

This interview dives into the name and stigma surrounding the famous football team, The Washington Redskins. We talk about the negative connotations that come with the name, how it makes people feel, and what should be done about it.

Londyn Adams

NFL players kneeling and how you feel about it

NFL players kneeling during the national anthem

Discussion of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem in recent news.

NFL Protests Against Social and Racial Injustice

Our conversation dealt with the issue of NFL players opting not to participate in the National Anthem. This issue has sparked opposing views on whether or not it is right for NFL players publicly demonstrate their opposition towards the justice...