Thanksgiving interview

We talked about my aunts life and her great memories. Also her kids and how life was growing up.


We talked about all the different things in Saba’s life

Nijyar Weysi interviewing

What was talked about was interviewing my cousin and was very fascinated by the answers on a one to one talk

My aunts way of thinking

I liked it I would listen to the edvice I would ask her

Adventures of Failed Comedian & Dumb Dumb

Today I (Failed comedian who's never done Standup but has bombed doing theater) interview my best friend Kenna (Dumb Dumb), we talk about who as influenced her, what she wants to be remembered for, and Denzel Washington. Join us on...

I Think I’ll Go With Pants Today.

I interviewed the Dean Students of Virginia Episcopal school with questions from beach trip fun to boarding school stories in Europe.

Interview With Grammie(Christine Smith)

My grandmother and I talked a lot about the things that have had the greatest impact on her life. We discussed that the most important thing in life is family; wether it’s playing card games or having family dinners, you...

Humans of McKamy

We talked about important stuff in life and the mistakes.

Historically Recordings With My Pop Pop

Luther J Sewell is a businessman from Pittsburgh PA not only in this interview does he discuss his business endeavors but his endeavors in life. He discusses what it was like for him growing up as a young black man...

Spears family culture

We talked about family culture. Mainly about my moms side where they focused on a lot of cars.

10 Question interview with my aunt

Growing up in school, future jobs, past jobs, family heretige, parents, Hobbies.

Interviewing my dad

Fun time with my dad some things that I did not know