"Open to the surprising encounter" -Paolo Puccini, CSP

Paolo Puccini describes himself as a pilgrim and a missionary. His Catholic journey and evangelization led him to the Paulist Fathers. After several years of study and formation with the community, in September 2019, Paolo made his final promises to...

The Story of Jim and Jeri

This is a interview of my grandmother talking about her marriage of 51 years with my grandfather who unfortunately passed away two years ago. I look up to her and use their relationship as a example of what my relationships...

The Last Supper

We started the night out with such fun and happiness. As the night started to fall later, so did the nice festivities! One by one, people started to release every ounce of poison they ever had.

Growing Together

Grace and Chris talk about growing up and how life has panned out different from what they imagined

“UT Then and Now”

The conversation compared life of a UT student in then 80s to the present.

Activities for Building self-esteem in teenagers

The Domyassignmentforme high school years can be mutilation for teenagers. Secondary school students experience feelings that appear to change step by step. At the point when pre-adult students experience these ups and down then this decrease their confidence. Despite the...

Learning to Swim in a South China River

A story of a river from my childhood in China and a discussion on what we can do for water in the face of climate change.

Just married: Reflecting on our wedding day and our life together so far

Our first day as husband and wife and we reflect on our wedding and our life together thus far.

Literacy first interview

In this interview I spoke with a friend about her experience with reading and learning how to read.

Angelica’s interview

Angelica was 20 yrs old when she first immigrated to the United States. She has now lived in Austin, Texas for 26 years, where she was filled with aspirations to just make a better life for herself and now for...

Grandma Chats About Life

Alice Moore talks about being a lamaze instructor, her upbringing in the Austin area, her musical background, her dear brother, and her family, with her college age granddaughter.

Zulina’s Immigration Story

After being abandoned by Zulina’s father, her mother decided to leave everything behind and start a new life for her and her two daughters and head to the United States to find a job, give a better education to them,...

Darden Smith: Singer/Songwriter

Darden Smith is a singer/songwriter and also the founder of multiple non-profit organizations. The one he is working on now is called Songwriting with: Soldiers.

Childhood Memories

Shweta Latawa, Indian working mother of 2, talks about her childhood and how it had an impact on her character. Shweta talks about what major events shaped her life as well as what values her childhood taught her.


Today we talked about how my grandma underwent surgery

Tortoise and Hare: Zach theatre

An interview with the cast and crew of Zach Theatre's Tortoise and Hare. Written by Allen Robertson and directed by Nat Miller. Ran from September 2018 through January 2019. With 153 performances.