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Vassil Kachkin on his experience with immigrating to the U.S.

Asking my mom about her wedding and learning more about customs we don’t practice anymore

My mom and I talk about how she met my dad, her wedding day, and how life was different in a foreign country that was under communist rule.

The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

My mom talked about her experience with The Fall Of The Berlin Wall. She explains what she and my family had to go through before and what happened after this event occurred.

The Great Litvinski

Coach Litvinski’s childhood wasn’t the best, but he still made amazing memories.

Nasi Gogova-Cold war

Talks about her life in small village of khardzali under communism and soviet influence

Interview with Baba 2017/11/24

This is an interview between Emil Pishev and his grandmother Diana Bonina. In the interview they talk about her growing up in Bulgaria.