Ms. Terry’s experience with segregation

I met with Mr. Terry at the Oxford Housing Authority on Tuesday November 27 to discuss her life experience through segregation. Ms. Terry was born in 1950 in Lafayette county, in the Yocona area. She spoke of her experience share...

Nariah Conley Interviewing Kristyn Parker

I Nariah Conley Spoke To Kristyn Parker On November 27, 2018. We talked about how she sees me , and what she think the future holds for me.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Who’s the most important person in life , and what ways you see me as

The great Thanksgiving listen

In this interview on November 2018 in farmington, missouri Angie Pyatt(51) gets interviewed by Gage Pyatt(16) about her child hood and some memories she had growing up. She shares the many jobs she had growing up and which one she...